Quick delivery offer


I’ve just had an exclusive delivery offer shared with me.  Unfortunately it’s only valid until midnight tonight so you’ll need to be quick.

The code to use is LOLLY and it gives you delivery for 99p with a spend of £15 or more at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

I love exclusive delivery offers from Avon because it means you can have all of your favourite makeup and beauty products delivered to you even cheaper as a loyal customer.  So please remember to tick the box to allow emails to be sent from Avon as you’ll find out about offers first that way.

Happy shopping!

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Getting the balance

With Avon there are two opportunities to earn extra cash, the first is to be a Representative selling Avon products to customers and the second is to be a Sales Leader which involves recruiting a team of your own Representatives.

The Representative opportunity was the first opportunity from Avon which I would expect most people to be aware of.  It started with the traditional door to door opportunity, where Representatives are allocated a territory of homes to cover and deliver their brochures to potential customers, collecting them a couple of days later (hopefully) with an order inside.  The Representative can then process the order and receive the products which they can then deliver to the customer.

However, with the modern technology that we now have, Avon customers can now buy from the Representative online and have their order delivered directly from Avon.  This involves no work from the Representative to deliver the order but it does involve time and effort promoting the online store.

The Sales Leader opportunity where Representatives build their own team of Avon Reps needs time for recruiting or prospecting.  This can be knocking doors, which can be successful but time consuming as people are often at work so you need to knock several doors to find someone who is at home.  Events can be popular and you are talking to people who are there but again you need to spend time at the event to speak to enough people who are going to say yes to you.  Advertising online is also an option but it is very competitive, many Sales Leaders do it because it is a quick way to advertise but it is becoming harder to find new Avon Representatives this way.

Once you have your potential Representative you need to spend some time teaching them how Avon works and getting their account set up.  The time to do this can vary depending on the person and how many question they may have or whether they have been an Avon Representative before.

So what is the best balance between the two opportunities?  There is no right or wrong answer to this, everyone works differently.

The commission you earn from your personal sales is greater than the commission you earn from your team but there is only one of you and (hopefully) several members of your team.  So you need to weight the two up, enough sales for yourself so you are earning a good amount of commission and enough time to recruit new team members as their sales are consistent earnings which involves very little input from you once they are up and running.

With the launch of online sales the potential for high personal sales is much greater than if you only have a few streets to cover but as I said it takes time to advertise and promote your online Avon shop.  However, with your personal sales you are less likely to get people let you down, customers buy, you deliver and collect the money from them.  Of course there will always be someone who isn’t in when you call but I’ve found this to be few and far between.  Whereas, building a team you find many Representatives will let you down, they’ll take the books and never place an order or place an order then disappear off the face of the earth and never place another order again.  This can be very frustrating and you need to allow time for let downs and not become disheartened when they do.

I find two days a week for Recruiting new Team Members and another two days spending time promoting my Representative business and delivering the Avon products to my lovely customers works for me.  This gives me three days to spend quality time with my little boy.  Perhaps when he is at full time school this might change.

Good luck to you with your Avon business!


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Makeup Brush Cleaning tool


I have to admit until now I’d never cleaned my make up brushes.  Oops!  I’d use them and when they became full of foundation I threw them away and bought a new one.

Then I saw in my latest Avon brochure the new make up brush cleaning tool and the lightbulb moment hit me!  I should have been cleaning my brushes for all of these years.

I bought the tool, bargain at £3.50.  It was a little smaller than I expected but I’m not sure why I expected it to be bigger given how small the end of a make up brush is.

I ran some warm water used a bit of face cleanser and twisted the end of my brush onto the pink tool and there the water turned orange from all of the foundation which had been gathering on my brush for the last few weeks.

You can see the video here https://youtu.be/yiPYBIJ6Fc4


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Avon Makeup Mirror


If there is one App you download today make it this one.

The Avon Makeup Mirror App allows you to upload or take a picture of yourself and choose products to apply to the image giving you a before and after look.  You can change shades to see what a different eyeshadow or foundation shade would look like on your face.

I think this app is absolutely amazing allowing you to see what products look like on your face not on a perfect model in the brochure.  It allows you to select different colours and change them as well as giving suggested looks which you can add to your face to see if it would suit you.

Any products you use are then listed for you to see so you can purchase them from your Avon Representative.

The Avon Makeup Mirror App is available to download now on both iOS and Android, get it on Google Play or download on the App Store.


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Avon online delivery offer code


Avon provide codes for online offers occasionally and they usually provide a discount on the cost of delivery.

Standard delivery from Avon via a courier or to your local parcel shop usually costs £3.50 to arrive in 3-5 working days which is pretty standard for online shopping.

There’s also an option to pay an extra couple of pounds and get express delivery which is 1-2 working days depending on the time of day you place your order.  Ideal for those last minute urgently needed gifts or make up that needs replacing for a night out, even sun tan lotion if we get unexpected weather!

Avon have a delivery offer to celebrate the launch of the Mark rebranding.

You can get standard delivery for just £1 with a £10 spend at http://www.avon.uk.com/Store/mymakeup using the code MARK, I believe this will be valid until midnight on 16th May 2017.


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The Avon guarantee


Avon are unique with their returns policy allowing customers to return any item within 28 days even if it has been used.

Avon don’t have shops with items to test like some of their competitors so you can’t walk in and try a few shades of a foundation and buy the one you like so their alternate way is to allow customers to order several shades and to keep the one they prefer.  The other shades can then be returned to the Representative who sends back to Avon for a credit.  Avon do of course sell samples to Representatives but it can become costly to the Rep to keep buying samples if the customer isn’t necessarily interested in that item.  The better option is to allow the customer to try the products and return any that are unsuitable.

Customers may sometimes be wary of buying a product because they don’t know what it looks or smells like.  I’d encourage representatives to order the full size product and let the customer see what it is like and often once you have the item in your hands you fall in love with it so it can be purchased straight away and of course it can be returned if the customer doesn’t like it.

The 28 day no quibble guarantee gives me great peace of mind as an Avon Representative, knowing that I can tell my customers to try new things and I will return if they are not satisfied for any reason.

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Make your Mark.


Avon in the UK have rebranded their make up range giving it the new name Mark.

This stands for “make your Mark.” As in be yourself, be creative, have your own sense of style and be a individual.  I’m a great fan of the message behind the relaunch as I believe we should all be free to express ourselves as individuals and be creative in our own way.

Avon is known for empowering and inspiring women and the relaunch of the popular make up brand backs up that message that as women we should stand up for what we believe in and be individual.

I do think Avon could have spent more time making the message a bit clearer as I’ve seen a couple of people say they have an ex named Mark and it’s put them off buying which is a shame when it’s not named after a person called Mark.

The packaging is black and white, very bold and modern and should appeal to Avon fans and hopefully to potential new customers as well.  The younger customer and the budding make up artists should be lovers of the new branding.

All of your favourite products are still available to buy so why not checkout the new Mark range now and make your Mark.

Get yours now at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

Choose courier delivery to get your order within 3-5 working days, or express delivery if you need it quickly

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How to buy Avon online



Gone are the days when you need to wait for the ding dong at the door and the Avon lady to call round with a brochure.

Avon, just like most companies have an online site so customers can choose what they want to buy and have it delivered to their door.

Avon offer the choice of delivery to your door or you can pick your order up from your local convenience store, which is really handy if your working a lot and you don’t have anywhere safe for a parcel to be left.

Avon have great quality products at great prices but sometimes it’s difficult to find a reliable rep or you just don’t want to wait three weeks for your products to be delivered so online shopping is perfect.

And Avon’s usual 28 day money back guaranteed still applies so you can try any product on and return it, it’s doesn’t matter if the foundation doesn’t suit or the shoes don’t fit you can return it for a full refund.

Register your details with me at my online store to get an email with the latest delivery offers at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup


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A year ago today


Today it has been exactly twelve months since I left the world of employment after working for the same company for thirteen years.  It was a day of mixed emotions and many, many tears as I said good by to colleagues and friends, those who has helped shape the person I am today.

I enjoyed my job, I really did but the flexibility I get with self employment is so much greater and I had to make that choice whilst my little boy was young and I’m certain it was the right one.

There is no longer a fixed income coming into the household which is quite scary with a mortgage to pay but on the flip side the earning opportunity allows me to put in the extra effort to increase my income if I want to.

I’ve managed to stay relatively strict with myself, putting my son in nursery three days a week and treating those as work days, I know it can be very tempting to just take a day off when your self employed but I’ve keep the routine as if I were in an employed role.  And the rest of the week I spend quality time with my little boy and we fit in a few customer deliveries along the way.

My initial plan was to put all of my efforts into focusing on sales leadership – building my team of Avon Representatives.  I’ve learned that people let you down – a lot!  And they let me down when I was working full time but the impact wasn’t the same and when you are relying on other people to place an order for you to be paid when it is your only income.  But I’ve also found some superstars along the way and they make the job worthwhile.

I’ve also learnt more about My Avon Store, Avon’s online shop which allows us as Representatives to sell to our customers online, wherever they may be in the UK.  This is a great tool and I’m still learning more about it and putting the tips I’ve been given into practice to increase my own personal sales.

Overall it’s been a great year, there have been some ups and downs but it was definitely the right decision to spend more time with my family whilst working my way. And of course the opportunity to take holidays when I want to, I’m currently writing this from Spain!


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Casa Di Rosa Sandles

As I’m in Spain this week and restricted to 20kg that I can fit into my suitcase, my usual shoe collection has had to stay at home.

The Casa Di Rosa sandles are new to the Avon brochure and they are perfect for both day and night.

Yesterday we went a walk to the beach and my Sandles were comfy for the long walk and nice and sturdy for walking across the sand.

In the evening I swapped my shorts for a pair of black trousers and my Sandles looked perfect for going for an evening meal.

At just £25 in the later Avon brochure they are perfect for any upcoming holiday as they can go with most outfits and are comfortable to wear all day.


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