Anew skincare regime

It’s January the first so many of you will be making New Years Resolutions so why not make looking after your skin one of those resolutions.

Drinking plenty of water helps to hydrate the skin – have a look for Avon’s new water bottle coming soon giving you a target of how much to drink each hour – a perfect reminder if your on the go!

But don’t forget your skincare products, Avon have some amazing products at great prices in their Anew Range.  Have a look at the reviews for the Avon Anew Clinical Lift And firm Eye Lift System –

“Absolutely amazing product”

“I’ve tried other more expensive brands but I keep coming back to this one”

The reviews speak for themselves, Avon have some amazing products in their Anew range, they have worked hard over the years to develop such great products and to keep them priced competitively as Avon always do.


The Anew Clinical Lift And firm Eye Lift System is on Offer at the moment for just £10 so why wouldn’t you stock up –

The Anew range covers all of your skincare regime needs, a day cream and a night cream to suit all age ranges

Platinum – for over 60’s

Ultimate – for over 50’s

Reversalist – for over 40’s

Vital – for those in their 20’s/30’s

Check out the range of products suitable for your age range, it’s never too early to start looking after your skin.  Just a few minuets each day is all it takes to get yourself into a good routine of looking after your skin – it’s not about spending hundreds of pounds and hours upon hours just make a small change and your future self will thank you.

It’s also worth looking at the Avon Avon Reversalist Infinite Effects – this was newly launched in 2017 and has seen some amazing results.  If you haven’t tried it you are missing out on this amazing new product.

Please feel free to leave your feedback on the Avon Anew skincare products in the comments below.

If you want to stock up on Anew whilst it is on offer shop here –


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My goals for 2018

Today is the day we traditionally make New Years resolutions or set goals so I’m going to put some things in writing in the hope that it helps me focus on them.

Firstly on a personal level, I’d like us to start eating healthier.  My little man is a very fussy eater and his diet is very limited so I’d like to work on introducing new food to him.  My other half is diabetic and his diet isn’t great and should be managed better and me well I eat what they like to make it an easy life to save me cooking three different meals but the rubbish means I’ve put on a few pounds more that I should have.

For my business (Avon) there are some changes coming which will allow me to run my business differently.  We will soon be able to run our retail side of the business solely online if we want to, so I will move the majority of my retail business online allowing me to focus my time on building my team.

My focus for 2018 will be on recruitment and building a successful team, as well as being their to support my existing team if they need me.

The changes allowing Representatives to sell soely online if they want to will open up a new opportunity for people who don’t want to sell using the brochure and want to build a successful business online from home around any other commitments they may have.

I’ve built my retail sales to over £40k in 2017 with the help of my online store so I know it’s achievable if new representatives invest time into their new business.  I just need to put a plan together as to how I’m going to find those people who want to take on the opportunity!


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How to get a Lipsy watch for £7.50

I’m a fan of the Lipsy brand, although I’m now in my thirties I still like the products they produce as much as the younger generation and they are made for all ages not just the teenage market.

Avon often sell branded products in their brochure and Lipsy is a popular brand appearing regularly.  However, the prices appear to be greatly reduced in the Avon brochure compared to buying directly from Lipsy.

And the latest watch is on special offer in the current Avon brochure.


The beautiful white Lipsy watch in question is available from Avon at just £30.  However, if you buy any other product you can order the watch for only £7.50!

If you order online ( you can purchase samples so the example above shows the purchase of a sample of a hair care product for 40p meaning the customer can qualify for the watch offer at £7.50.

This Offer will be popular and stock will be limited so please shop early to avoid disappointment – new offers will be shown on 11th January 2018 so please be quick!

Treat yourself, treat a friend or put it away for Next Christmas!  Happy shopping –


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Selling with My Avon Store

The question often comes up about using the online shop we have provided by Avon against the traditional brochure that Avon is known for.

As a rep of 13 years I started my Avon journey selling to friends and family using the Avon brochure and moved to territory a few campaigns later as I was in the process of buying a house when I started so it was a good way to get to know some of my new neighbours once I’d moved.

I reached Presidents Club most years (currently annual sales of £6,700), covered the few houses I had in my territory and gave books out to friends and family.  But 2016 Avon gave us My Avon Store which was a massive game changer.  Whether we like it or not, customers want the convenience of shopping online when it suits them and not being restricted to when we drop them a brochure round.  There’s also plenty of customers who love Avon but just don’t have a Representative and the ability of being able to order Avon online opens up the opportunity for them to buy the products they love.

Of course there will still be a need for the brochure, there are people who aren’t online and even those who are that don’t like inputting their payment details online and we don’t want to loose those customers.  And there are those who just like to look through a book, I like to look through the Argos book before I go and buy online, and I’m often tempted by items I wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t had the book to look through.

I think that most existing customers will remain loyal to their Representative, it may only be if that Representative leaves Avon that they may seek an alternative and turn to shopping online.

Another thing that may put customers off shopping online would be the delivery charge, only £3.50 but when they can have Representative delivery for free then why not, it’s just someone delivering to their door it doesn’t matter to the customer who that person is.  Although, from c6 when delivery is free for online orders over £30 I wonder if this may change customers buying habits – they can pay online meaning they haven’t got to worry about going to the cash point before the Representative arrives and the order is processed when they send it, they don’t need to wait for the Representatives next order.

I personally love My Avon Store, I’ve cut back on my territory, just serving existing customers as I find a better return by using my time to promote my online shop.  I’ve managed to go from Bronze Plus (currently £8,200 annual sales) in 2016 to Gold Plus (currently £40,400 annual sales) in 2017 by making the most of the online shop,  allowing me to reach many more customers without ordering thousands of books or walking street after street.


I use a lot of social media to promote my store, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mainly – and I use them a lot, there are a lot of Avon Representatives out there so you need to post a lot!

I write a Blog, people want to know about Avon and about products so blogging gives people information they may be looking for.

Share offers from Avon, there are often promotions run by Avon, free delivery or a free gift, make the most of these and the tools from the Social Media centre are pre prepared and professionally created by Avon so use them to help your business.

Promote a specific offer, if there is a product you like, your friends and potential customers probably will too so share it on Facebook and let them know the link to your store if they’d like to buy it too.

Remember the Avon store isn’t a get rick quick over night, it takes time and lots of promotion so be consistent and keep at it.

If anyone else has any tips for online sales I’d love to hear them as I’m always up for learning and try new techniques!

Cosy Lipsy Hoody

We had the tiniest amount of snow last night but it is oh so cold! I ordered the Lipsy Hoody from brochure 5 2018 (available in the first look to order in c3 for Avon Reps) and as it’s cold outside I just want to stay warm and cosy inside so I have a black pair of leggings and my new Lipsy Hoody.

The Hoody is soft and feels nice and cosy to wear. I went for a 10/12 and I’d say it’s true to size as I’m probably in between a ten and a twelve. Some of the jumpers I’ve had from Avon have had tight sleeves – or I’ve got fat arms! This Hoody went on easily and the sleeves push up easily to do the washing up.

The Hoody is pink with blue sparkly text saying Lipsy London, I’m comfortable wearing it as I’m sure teenagers and girls in their twenties would be, I don’t feel too young, just cosy for lazing around the house in between Christmas and New Year.

Available to order online at from Friday 26th January 2017


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How to shop the Avon Sale

So Christmas Day is almost over, are you one of the people with SALE or save some £££ on your mind?

Why not spend your Christmas cash or grab some bargains for birthday’s during the year or even to put away for next Christmas.


There are a few tips I’m going to share with you for shopping with Avon for the sale season:

Firstly, shop online, the Avon sale is live now – you can view it here – your local representative may be taking a break over Christmas but the Avon sale is live now and you can browse online.

But don’t just browse, you need to buy online to have a better chance of receiving your sale items, the Avon sale is popular and a sale includes a lot of whilst stock lasts items so the sooner you buy the more chance you have of getting your Avon sale bargain.

Make sure you select courier delivery or to collect from a parcel shop, these type of orders are dispatched from Avon in real time, if you select to have delivery from your Avon representative you’ll need to wait until they place their next order which could be after the product you want has sold out.  A lot of Avon representatives take time out over Christmas and New Year, and why not they all have families as well and the flexibility means we can do that but still serve customers online (

Have a look for your favourites, things you repeat buy and if it says Best price this year then stock up!  For example the room and linen sprays, a great every day product on offer for 99p in the Avon Sale.  Make up items four for £12 in the Avon Sale – select one item from each of the four categories- no restrictions buy as many multiples of four as you want to.

Look at the Sale section, is there anything you need for next Christmas that you can buy at a bargain price?  Gift sets in the Avon sale that you can break up and use the individual items.  An advent calendar for next year?

When you shop online you can buy using a credit card, debit card or Paypal so if you’ve had some money for Christmas why not treat yourself.

Be quick the Avon sale won’t be live for long, shop now at


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Left Christmas to the last minute?


Have you left Christmas to the last minute?  Don’t want to end up at a petrol station on Christmas Eve?

Avon are still offering delivery in time for Christmas and it will only cost you £1 if you spend £25 or more!

There’s gifts available for everyone, we have a lovely Tabitha Webb scarf for nan’s, pyjamas for mom and a tool set for Dad. There’s selfie lights for the teenagers and spiderman or frozen for the kids.  There’s of course the usual make up and fragrance gift sets as well as candles and diffusers for the Home.

You don’t have long – your order needs to be placed by 1pm tomorrow (21st December 2017) and you can use the code SLEIGH.  Don’t delay- get shipping online straight away –


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My new favourite mug

I’ve only received this today but it’s going to be well used. I love my cups of tea – can’t stand coffee! Unfortunately I think I drink too much tea so the size of this mug is ideal as it’s not a massive man size mug, perfect for me to drink from.


It’s not heavy and it comes well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box branded with the Tabitha Webb logo and survived the journey from the Avon warehouse to my door.

It costs more than I would normally spend on a mug but it is branded with Tabitha Webb’s name and feels of good quality, plus it’s Christmas so why not treat myself! The slogan “Dream Big” is a great one for my Avon business, I need to dream big to achieve big – I was dreaming of Gold Plus (achieving sales of £40,400 or more as part of Avon’s Presidents Club scheme) this time last year and I’ve achieved it.

It’s not dishwasher safe so you need to wash it with care – happy shopping and dream big!

Buy yours from


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Christmas is fast approaching

It’s December the first already!  This year has flown by.


I haven’t finished my shopping yet, which is unusual for me as I’m normally really organised.  I have started buying though and I have some lovely Avon decorations like the singing Santa ready to be displayed.

I’m glad I have Avon and I can shop online because I really don’t fancy braving the high street with People pushing and shoving and having to queue everywhere.  And even if I didn’t mind shopping in town I don’t know when I’d have chance to fit it in with all of the activities and visits to Santa we have planned on the countdown to Christmas.

So if your like me, grab a cuppa in your lunch break and start your shopping online with Avon.

We have lovely gift sets for the girls, a great selection of PJ’s for everyone (think Ninjago, Frozen, Minions, Lipsy etc) and the throws are soooo comfy.  For the ladies we have a beautiful selection of scarves, for teenagers portable phone chargers and selfie lights, tool sets for the men and games for the kids.  And don’t forget to treat yourself with our Little Black Dress – and shoes to match!

And for today only (1st December 2017) use the code ADVENT and get free delivery with any order over £20 at


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Why I sell Avon online

I’m probably the stereotype of your typical Avon lady, I’m a mom with a family to look after, my little boy who is nearly four years old as well as the other half.


So Avon fits in perfectly with my lifestyle, except I lack confidence and the thought of having to go door to door giving out my Avon brochures fills me with dread.  Don’t get me wrong I have done it, although the books go through the door and I collect it from the doorstep, I don’t have the courage to knock the door alone to ask for my little Avon book back.  I don’t know why, my fear is irrational, I know that, I just can’t seem to get past that feeling.

The customers I have from posting Avon books in the past are all lovely and give me no reason not to repeat what I have done in the past.  However, Avon, along with most other retailers are now online.  This gives me a great way to get my name out there, show my products, market my brochure – without having to step out of the comfort of my own home.

This new way of selling has worked wonders for me, giving me an increase in sales from 2016 to 2017 of £33k – I sold four times as much and probably didn’t work as hard as I can manage my business from home.

Of course I do go out, to deliver orders to my regular customers and to build my team of representatives.  And I do enjoy recruiting new team members, sitting with them on a one to one basis and helping them set up their own business, just having someone else to share the passion of Avon puts me at ease.

And the success Avon gives to me also helps me to increase my confidence that I can do it and I have no reason for fear

So to anyone reading this, if your current way of working isn’t giving you the success you dreamed of, don’t be afraid of change – find a new way to work and make it work for you.

And you don’t need to be the stereotype to sell Avon, the opportunity is there for everyone (over 18) so if your good at marketing, a whiz online or love promoting selfies – why not you?


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