Freebie Alert

Avon have a special offer for today only.  Any customer who spends £20 or more online at can get a FREE True Colour Summer Skin Cream by adding the code SUNKISSED at the checkout.

The cream is worth £10 so if you were looking to stock up your make up collection then today is the day.

Thw offer is valid for today only so you have until midnight to take advantage of this (21st June 2017).



Use the code SUNKISSED when you spend £20 or more at and receive a free True Colour Summer Skin Cream worth £10

Offer valid until midnight tonight

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Work Haven


Last week I was lucky enough to have a week down south in Somerset.  We had a Monday to Friday break using the Sun Holiday scheme at Haven in Burnham on Sea.

The booking system is simple online, allowing you to search by date and park until you find something suitable for you. It also allows you to upgrade if you wish to.  Much easier than the postal system where it’s the luck of the draw which park you get.

We chose Haven as we have visited this particular park before and had a lovely time.  Last time we got an upgraded caravan for free so we decided to pay for an upgrade this time, although I wouldn’t bother again as the free upgrade was better than the paid for one.  No balcony this year was a bit disappointing given the beautiful weather.

The caravan itself was nice enough, although the beds were a little uncomfy.  The phone signal also wasn’t great to catch up with a bit of work but I suppose holidays aren’t for working!

We had some great weather for England last week so we were lucky we could go to the beach.  We also went to the theme park in Brean, the little one had a great time but it is small so not much for older kids, the Sooty show was brilliant though, worth a visit for that.

The swimming pool on the Haven site has a slide indoors and a toddler pool so enough to keep the little one entertained for an hour.  There is also an outdoor pool for those brave enough.

The entertainment was ok, not what it used to be when I was growing up but still good for the kids.  The Seaside Squad characters are the main attraction for my little one and he loved meeting them.  The drinks at the bar however weren’t great, very overpriced but it seems to be the norm for those sort of places which is a shame as it seemed quiet in there so perhaps drink prices had put people off.


The food onside was average quality and highly priced but we did find a lovely fish and chips shop just off Burnham high street, I think it was called British Chips.

Overall we had a great holiday, and luckily I remembered my Avon Sun tan lotion as we had the unexpected heat.  Not much work was done so I best put a bit of effort in before the next holiday.


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£1 Delivery Offer


Who doesn’t love an offer?  I have to say the marketing people have me hooked in as I can’t resist a bargain.

I don’t really like paying delivery charges to have a product bought to me, although I’m not one to go to the shops very often.  So I’m always on the lookout for a delivery Offer.  Avon are really good with codes for delivery offers and there is usually one every couple of weeks which is great for anyone who loves their Avon products and wants them delivered directly to their door.

The latest code is TROPICAL and that gives you delivery for just £1 with a £20 spend at O really don’t mind paying £1 to get my products as it would cost me more than that to drive into town and pay to park and go somewhere like Boots for my makeup, and Avon’s prices seem much more reasonable!

The other advantage with online shopping is you can see what your putting into your basket and how much it costs, so if you want to spend exactly £20 to get delivery for £1 or if you have a budget to work to you can stick to it online.

Although with Avon’s latest promotion they are declaring Summer, I hope their declaration works as I’m sitting here writing this sat inside with a nice hot cuppa watching the rain outside.

The lastest voucher code is only valid until 8th June 2017 so shop quickly to take advantage of it.


🎀💅🏻💄 Shop AVON online 🎀💅🏻💄

Use the code TROPICAL to get delivery for just £1 with a £20 spend

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Top Avon Representatives


I was surprised to see an email in my inbox this week inviting me to Avon’s head office as part of the recognition for being in the top 100 representatives in the UK.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would achieve such great sales to get me into the top 100 in the country.  There are around 160,000 Avon Representatives in the UK so I’m ecstatic!

The invite to head office includes an evening meal, overnight stay and the chance to meet with the top staff the following day.  It also includes transport to and from head office in Northampton.

Avon really do go above and beyond to recognise its top selling Representatives.  There are meals, free products, love to shop vouchers and even a holiday.  What other company gives all of this to a self-employed workforce?

The recognition programme is called Presidents Club and to become a member you need to sell £6,500 in the year, this gets you an invite to the quarterly events. The rewards then keep on growing.

The holiday this years sales qualify for is to Lisbon in Portugal and to qualify Representatives need to sell over £40,400 in Avon products, have an increase in sales above the previous year and be one of the top 50 in the county to have done so.

At the end of brochure 9, half way through the Avon year I am at number 99 so there is still time to increase my sales and creap up the leaderboard.

I’ve been an Avon Representative for just over 11 years and I’ve always plodded along but this proves with a bit of determination anyone can increase their sales and go for the top sales.


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Dressing for the British weather

The weather is something us Brits are always talking about but it never seems to be predictable.

We’ve had a few glorious days in the last week, whilst most people were at work.  Then come the bank holiday weekend we have showers of rain, it’s so unpredictable.

So what do we wear?  I love my jeans but when it’s hot they are too much and even if it’s raining they are not the ideal choice as the take too long to dry.

I can’t always pull off shorts now that I’m getting older (and eating too much chocolate!) so even when it’s warm I tend to opt for trousers.


I like a nice light pair of trousers when it’s warm so I can cover all my lumps and bumps but still feel cool.  These Floral Palazzo Trousers are ideal, nice and light, easy to wash and cool to wear but warm enough if the sun drops.  I wore them with the shell top in black for a smart casual look.

Both available from Avon at


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Quick Delivery Offer


Avon have an offer code valid for just today and tomorrow allowing customers to get Express delivery for just £2 with no minimum spend.

Express delivery is next working day delivery if your order is invoiced before 10am the previous working day, otherwise it’s two working days.  Still pretty quick.

So if you’ve misplaced your mascara, lost your lippy or emptied your eyeliner, order with Avon and get yourself stocked up.

Offers usually have a minimum spend but with this there is no minimum purchase amount, just £2 for delivery of any sized order.
Use the code EXPRESS at

***Offer ends midnight 25th May 2017***

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PJ Day

Who doesn’t love a day in their PJ’s?  I’m no different, I love a lazy morning!


As we don’t have much planned for today we’re still in our PJ’s.  I’m updating my social media posts and my little man is playing in his bedroom.

I bought these zebra Pj’s from Avon to take on holiday to Spain a few weeks ago as they are nice and light and don’t have sleeves so keep me nice and cool at night.  I loved them so I’m wearing them at home as well as it seems to be getting warm in my house at night even though we don’t have warm weather outside.

The green top is a nice colour and is complimented by the green back legs of the zebras on the trousers.  They are light and comfortable and wash well.  I love my Avon PJ’s!


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The flexibility of Avon

I decided last week that I wanted to put some of my commission to good use and update the carpets in our house.  I’ve had the house nearly nine years and it was a new build so the carpet must be 8/9 years old.


I’m not sure why I chose a brown / beige colour when I bought the house, I think it was because it was neutral and had to be the same throughout the house.  Although why they carpeted my bathrooms I don’t know, and why I’ve left it until now to change them I have no idea!  But I now have some nice laminate flooring instead of carpet in my bathrooms.

The joy of being an Avon Rep meant that I could take the afternoon off for my new carpet to be fitted without having to upset a boss, perfect.  Then when he started fitting he said he would need to come back tomorrow as he wouldn’t be able to finish it today.  Not a problem I can work from home tomorrow as well, the joys of the internet.  Had I been employed I’d probably have an unhappy boss but Avon means I can work my business my way and with a happy home I’ll be a happy Avon Rep.

What do you think of the new carpet for my stairs?


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Anew way for facials


I’m not really a girly girl so I’ve never had a facial or used a face mask.  However Avon gave me their new Anew Essentials Sheet Mask to try so I thought why not!

The mask is already cut out for you in the shape of a face and has the product already applied so it was easy to use for a novice like me.

I read the instructions then applied it to my face, it was a bit wet, obviously the product on the mask so I don’t really know why I didn’t expect that.  It also felt nice and cool, which was great considering I was warm after an afternoon decorating and a hot bath.


You need to leave the mask on for 15 minutes and relax.  That was a lovely feeling to just be able to lie down and relax.

After 15 minutes you need to gently massage the remaining product into the skin, this felt nice and relaxing.  And the next morning my skin felt lovely and soft.

The mask comes in its own packet so would be great to take on a girly weekend away or even on holiday to treat your skin after a long day.


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Get set for Summer


If you haven’t started to think about Summer yet, you need to – it doesn’t last long in the UK!

Sun tan lotion is a must, especially for the little ones if they are playing outside at school or nursery. Make sure they have a high factor and apply regularly.

Avon have a variety of sun tan lotions, with different applicators and in different sizes.  Whether you want a squirty bottle or a spray applicator Avon have it for you.  There’s even coloured sun tan lotion for kids so you can see that it has been applied all over.

You really can’t be too careful, the sun can be very dangerous so keep little ones out of the sun during peak temperatures and in the shade wherever possible.

Avon have everything you need for summer, including swimwear, footwear, nail varnishes, sunglasses, beach bags and much more.

Stock up ready for Summer at

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