New Rotational Anti-Wrinkle cream


Have you seen the news that Avon have a new anti-wrinkle cream and it’s a first for them, it rotates.  Its even been mentioned in Vogue!

It’s different because it has two different formulas, traditionally you use a new cream and it works wonders initially but then your face gets used to it and the effectiveness wears off.

The new cream from Avon has two different creams, one at each end.  So you use one cream for a week then you turn it and use the second cream.  After a week you then rotate and use the first again.

The rotational effect means that your skin doesn’t get used to one cream so it keeps working!

The new Reversalist cream is from Avon’s popular Anew range so it’s going to be a popular one with Anew lovers and new skincare converts alike.

Want to give it a try?  You can order it now from

And today only (7th September 2017) you can get free delivery on orders over £25 using the code INFINITE


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