Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream

Avon are launching their first rotational anti-wrinkle night cream.  It will be available to buy online from Friday 25th August 2017 at




I’m really excited about this not only because Avon did their first every year long trial so we know this actually works on real people but because it makes sense!  You find a great product and you see great results – it works for you and your skin and you feel amazing, but after a while you get used to the product and the effect it has reduces but with the rotational product it essentially has two products so your skin never gets too used to one cream.  The first side is to replenish and repair your skin which you use for a week, then you move to the opposite side which repairs the look of wrinkles.  You then alternate between the two a week for each thus your skin never adapts to one formula.

Its a bit like the 5 – 2 diets you see, you don’t diet for the whole seven days you give your body a shock by eating something different so it works more effectively when you return to the healthy foods, it’s the same theory with your skin – don’t let it adapt.

I’m so excited by this I can’t wait for it to be on sale, and what is even better is for the launch price of just £25 you also get a free gift containing an Anew Reversalist Day Cream (50ml), an extra lasting lipstick in fiery red, a Mesmerize black for her EDT purse spray (10ml) and an Anew vanity case.  You have to try it!


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