Need a new handbag?

Probably a silly question to ask the girl who loves shoes and handbags.


Yes I’m her if you hadn’t guessed, I just can’t resist a beautiful pair of shoes or a nice new handbag.

And Avon haven’t disappointed with this lovely new bag designed by Lipsy.  It’s spacious, sturdy and a great colour.  Neutral bags go with anything so there’s no need to change handbag if you change your mind on the outfit.

The bag is perfect for an Avon lady because it has plenty of space for brochures as well as life’s essentials, mainly things like baby wipes and fruit shoot in my case having a toddler in tow.

I will be adding this bag to my collection, if only someone could come up with a better storage solution or a lottery win so I can have a room just for handbags.  A girl can dream!


#handbag #bag #avon #lipsy #mom #toddler #designer #dream


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