Give me light

If anyone has a toddler you may be able to relate, my little boy was in bed, it was night time, dark and he was sleepy.

All of a sudden I hear full on tears, what’s gone on?  I go up to him and his lightbulb has gone! End of the world!

So I shout my other half to grab a new bulb, there in the shed he says.  I have no idea why he’s moved the spare lightbulbs to the shed but off he goes.

Then I realise I had a colour changing mood lamp in my box of Avon goodies.  So  in I go with it to the little one’s bedroom and all of a sudden the Gruffalo is no longer going to come and eat him and we have “super cool light”

The little one loves it, it has stars or flowers and they Project onto the ceiling.  You can also choose whether to have a white projection or colour changing.  The latter feels nice and calming.  The lamp will be a permanent fixture in my little boys bedroom.

Thanks Avon!


#avon #delivery #dark #night #bed #bedtime #toddler #boys #gruffalo #moodchange #moodlamp #colour #soothing #sleep #light #lightbulb

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