Getting ready to be Bridesmaid

My little sister is getting married in August, and it seemed so far away but all of a sudden it’s now two months away.

The dress is sorted (for Bride and Bridesmaids), my nail varnish is sorted – super organised Avon lady here!  But my body is not Bridesmaid ready.

Today I went to the dentist for the last two of six fillings, oops too much chocolate.  And talking of chocolate that could be why my belly isn’t in great shape right now.


So today for the first time in about six months I went to the gym.  If I hadn’t paid for a year upfront then I would have most likely cancelled my membership by now but I’m glad I went.  I decided to start easy with a 30 minute cycle class, it worked up a sweat and got me back into the gym routine- now to fit in another class this week.

As an Avon lady I should be pretty active, and I did post some expired brochures in my street this morning in the hope of gaining some new Avon Representatives.  Old brochures tempt people into joining my team as they can see the amazing products Avon have to offer and want to come on board- I should do more of this as it is a great way to get more steps into my day, the weather is nice and I’m building my business.

I’m off for a soak in the bath before I pamper myself with all of my lovely Avon products.


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