The flexibility of Avon

I decided last week that I wanted to put some of my commission to good use and update the carpets in our house.  I’ve had the house nearly nine years and it was a new build so the carpet must be 8/9 years old.


I’m not sure why I chose a brown / beige colour when I bought the house, I think it was because it was neutral and had to be the same throughout the house.  Although why they carpeted my bathrooms I don’t know, and why I’ve left it until now to change them I have no idea!  But I now have some nice laminate flooring instead of carpet in my bathrooms.

The joy of being an Avon Rep meant that I could take the afternoon off for my new carpet to be fitted without having to upset a boss, perfect.  Then when he started fitting he said he would need to come back tomorrow as he wouldn’t be able to finish it today.  Not a problem I can work from home tomorrow as well, the joys of the internet.  Had I been employed I’d probably have an unhappy boss but Avon means I can work my business my way and with a happy home I’ll be a happy Avon Rep.

What do you think of the new carpet for my stairs?


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