Getting the balance

With Avon there are two opportunities to earn extra cash, the first is to be a Representative selling Avon products to customers and the second is to be a Sales Leader which involves recruiting a team of your own Representatives.

The Representative opportunity was the first opportunity from Avon which I would expect most people to be aware of.  It started with the traditional door to door opportunity, where Representatives are allocated a territory of homes to cover and deliver their brochures to potential customers, collecting them a couple of days later (hopefully) with an order inside.  The Representative can then process the order and receive the products which they can then deliver to the customer.

However, with the modern technology that we now have, Avon customers can now buy from the Representative online and have their order delivered directly from Avon.  This involves no work from the Representative to deliver the order but it does involve time and effort promoting the online store.

The Sales Leader opportunity where Representatives build their own team of Avon Reps needs time for recruiting or prospecting.  This can be knocking doors, which can be successful but time consuming as people are often at work so you need to knock several doors to find someone who is at home.  Events can be popular and you are talking to people who are there but again you need to spend time at the event to speak to enough people who are going to say yes to you.  Advertising online is also an option but it is very competitive, many Sales Leaders do it because it is a quick way to advertise but it is becoming harder to find new Avon Representatives this way.

Once you have your potential Representative you need to spend some time teaching them how Avon works and getting their account set up.  The time to do this can vary depending on the person and how many question they may have or whether they have been an Avon Representative before.

So what is the best balance between the two opportunities?  There is no right or wrong answer to this, everyone works differently.

The commission you earn from your personal sales is greater than the commission you earn from your team but there is only one of you and (hopefully) several members of your team.  So you need to weight the two up, enough sales for yourself so you are earning a good amount of commission and enough time to recruit new team members as their sales are consistent earnings which involves very little input from you once they are up and running.

With the launch of online sales the potential for high personal sales is much greater than if you only have a few streets to cover but as I said it takes time to advertise and promote your online Avon shop.  However, with your personal sales you are less likely to get people let you down, customers buy, you deliver and collect the money from them.  Of course there will always be someone who isn’t in when you call but I’ve found this to be few and far between.  Whereas, building a team you find many Representatives will let you down, they’ll take the books and never place an order or place an order then disappear off the face of the earth and never place another order again.  This can be very frustrating and you need to allow time for let downs and not become disheartened when they do.

I find two days a week for Recruiting new Team Members and another two days spending time promoting my Representative business and delivering the Avon products to my lovely customers works for me.  This gives me three days to spend quality time with my little boy.  Perhaps when he is at full time school this might change.

Good luck to you with your Avon business!


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