Makeup Brush Cleaning tool


I have to admit until now I’d never cleaned my make up brushes.  Oops!  I’d use them and when they became full of foundation I threw them away and bought a new one.

Then I saw in my latest Avon brochure the new make up brush cleaning tool and the lightbulb moment hit me!  I should have been cleaning my brushes for all of these years.

I bought the tool, bargain at £3.50.  It was a little smaller than I expected but I’m not sure why I expected it to be bigger given how small the end of a make up brush is.

I ran some warm water used a bit of face cleanser and twisted the end of my brush onto the pink tool and there the water turned orange from all of the foundation which had been gathering on my brush for the last few weeks.

You can see the video here


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