The Avon guarantee


Avon are unique with their returns policy allowing customers to return any item within 28 days even if it has been used.

Avon don’t have shops with items to test like some of their competitors so you can’t walk in and try a few shades of a foundation and buy the one you like so their alternate way is to allow customers to order several shades and to keep the one they prefer.  The other shades can then be returned to the Representative who sends back to Avon for a credit.  Avon do of course sell samples to Representatives but it can become costly to the Rep to keep buying samples if the customer isn’t necessarily interested in that item.  The better option is to allow the customer to try the products and return any that are unsuitable.

Customers may sometimes be wary of buying a product because they don’t know what it looks or smells like.  I’d encourage representatives to order the full size product and let the customer see what it is like and often once you have the item in your hands you fall in love with it so it can be purchased straight away and of course it can be returned if the customer doesn’t like it.

The 28 day no quibble guarantee gives me great peace of mind as an Avon Representative, knowing that I can tell my customers to try new things and I will return if they are not satisfied for any reason.

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