Make your Mark.


Avon in the UK have rebranded their make up range giving it the new name Mark.

This stands for “make your Mark.” As in be yourself, be creative, have your own sense of style and be a individual.  I’m a great fan of the message behind the relaunch as I believe we should all be free to express ourselves as individuals and be creative in our own way.

Avon is known for empowering and inspiring women and the relaunch of the popular make up brand backs up that message that as women we should stand up for what we believe in and be individual.

I do think Avon could have spent more time making the message a bit clearer as I’ve seen a couple of people say they have an ex named Mark and it’s put them off buying which is a shame when it’s not named after a person called Mark.

The packaging is black and white, very bold and modern and should appeal to Avon fans and hopefully to potential new customers as well.  The younger customer and the budding make up artists should be lovers of the new branding.

All of your favourite products are still available to buy so why not checkout the new Mark range now and make your Mark.

Get yours now at

Choose courier delivery to get your order within 3-5 working days, or express delivery if you need it quickly

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