My office for the week

I love that Avon is becoming more flexible allowing me to work when I want, where I want by selling online.

This week I’m in Benelmadena in Spain, spending some time with my three year old.


We arrived yesterday after my little boy decided the night before he wanted to pack his case (luckily I’d already packed!) so I let him pack what he needed.  Apparently for a week in Spain all he needed was his armbands, a Buzz Lightyear costume and his school uniform.  Neadless to say that bag stayed at home.

We had an early start but sitting in the airport gave me time to post a few Facebook adverts and upload some Instagram pictures.  And when I landed I checked my email to a few orders through my store.  Luckily Avon have a promotion at the moment for delivery at just £1 with a £10 spend (code ANEW valid until 1st May) so it means my store can work for me whilst I’m away.

We caught a taxi from the airport to where we are staying or a Police car according to my little boy as the taxi’s over here are white.  Hopefully he won’t be telling his nursery teacher that next week!

Today has been a morning on the beach and now the little man is having a nap I’m having a quick sangria and updating a few posts on social media, watching the orders come in through my shop as I relax.



#holiday #sun #sangria #spain #beach #shop #work #earn #cash #momboss #bosslife #familytime #drink #hot

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