Not me without Nails


I wouldn’t say I was a girly girl, in fact growing up I was more of a Tom-boy playing football (albeit pretty badly) and going out without a bit of make up in sight.

As I’ve grown older I’ve started to learn how to to apply make up and wear it most days now, although that’s partly because I’m an Avon Rep and what Rep wouldn’t wear their own products to enable me to review and recommend.  And as my skin ages I find that I feel more comfortable with make up on and my bare skin is kept for bed time only.

However, nails have been my thing longer than make up.  I just don’t feel me without having pretty nails, my own bare nails just look dull and un-feminine so I always try and get my nails done as a pick me up and as a bit of me time away from being Mom or the Avon Lady.

I did go a while without having my nails done to give them a rest but it always felt like part of me was missing.

So this morning I had my nails done today using Avon’s new Mark gel polish and I love the colour.  It’s perfect for my holiday in three more sleeps.

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