Avon Reps – Getting more online sales

I had the privilege to be invited to a Social Selling workshop at Avon’s Head Office in Northampton a few weeks ago.  I realised that although I was doing well getting orders for Representative delivery, I was a world behind some Reps when it came to Direct Orders (orders for delivery by Courier directly to the Customer).

So I listened well and took in tips, then I went home and did as much research as I could.  The online store has been going much longer in the US so there are lots of tips online from Representatives over the pond.

I’ve grown my sales from an odd order once in a while to over £1,000 in sales for Direct Delivery in just a couple of weeks.  Here’s my tips from a beginner –

  • Facebook – most people who are online use Facebook so there is a massive audience here, but also a lot of competition.  Join selling groups from across the county – either go for those with a large number in the group or local towns (zoom in on the map and find the small towns and you will probably be the only Avon Rep advertising on there).  I’ve been spending a few hours each day posting – just don’t do it all at once or you will be blocked by Facebook;
  • Instagram – I’d not used Instagram much until recently but I’ve started posting several pictures a day and adding people who have an interest in beauty products in the hope that they will follow me back;
  • Twitter – I struggle with Twitter due to the restriction on the number of words you post but a key picture and relevant caption is worth a shot;
  • Blogging – This I am fairly new to and my posts definitely need some work still but the key seems to be consistence (I went months without posting because I didn’t realise the value of blogging).  It doesn’t matter if you are talking about products, recruiting or tips for building your business, in fact a bit of variety is good as it will attract different readers.  The key is to keep writing because the more you post the more your website will appear in searches;
  • Paid advertising – I haven’t done a lot of this as there are plenty of free options to build my business but I’ve tried boosting on Facebook, promoting on Instagram (you’ll need to change your account to a business account – it’s free to do that) and I’ve created a Google Adwords account – each of them I’ve only spent a couple of pounds here and there I haven’t spent hundreds but that little boost has given me the confidence that I can get sales online;
  • Hashtagging – these ##’s keep appearing everywhere, they put what you’ve written into a category so keep it relevant to your post / blog / picture and it should draw in an audience;
  • Be Interactive – Comment on other peoples posts or blogs, if your name is out there you are giving others the chance to click on your name and see what you are all about;
  • Schedule posts – If you have a Facebook page you can schedule your posts so they appear at a particular time, no excuse to not post if you are out for the day;
  • Avon Offers – At the moment Avon have an offer for free delivery with orders over £30 (code: EASTER), I’ve emailed and text all of my existing customers to let them know about this and I’ve included the offer in the posts I’ve created to hopefully draw in new customers;
  • Promote a Product – Your loyal customers will know what Avon sell but we’re not targeting them, we want online sales on top of your existing customer base.  Those new customers we are targeting might have a pre-conception about Avon so show them a product they might like – it doesn’t matter if they buy that product or something else but a real product will get people’s attention rather than ‘buy Avon click here’ ;
  • Be Realistic – Your online sales aren’t going to be thousands over night, it takes time, patience and consistency – and I was lucky to have a three week free delivery offer from Avon which no doubt boosted my sales.


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