Starting out with My Avon Store

In 2015 I achieved Bronze level Presidents Club (the “club” for those selling £6,500 – now £6,700, in an Avon 12 month year from campaign 1 to campaign 18) when I say I achieved I scraped in by the skin of my teeth selling about £20 over the £6,500 target. And most of my family had Avon presents for Christmas!!

When Avon launched My Avon Store in the U.K. I made sure I logged onto the website at 8am to get the name I wanted, I was sat outside my sons nursery clicking the refresh button until the option came up to type in my chosen name. But to be honest I didn’t do much more with it other than post my link on Facebook once a campaign.

I left my full time job at the end of April 2016 and started to focus properly on my Avon business. I listened to tips and did my research online to see how to promote my online store.

The first thing I did was set up a customer account, nothing special, I used my real name, my real address and placed an order to be delivered by me! Now I knew how it worked, how to accept an order and what the process was so if anyone asked questions I knew how it all worked. Rep delivery is free and there’s no handling charge so there’s no cost to do this.

I also found out that customers can rate their representative, and now I am my customer I can rate me. I’m 5 out of 5 obviously! Having a rating also increases your listing on find a rep, so any customers going online can see a list of reps when they type in their postcode, I appear above a more local rep because I have a rating and I’ve found customers generally just click the rep at the top of the list.

There’s a couple of other criteria, make sure you have a photo added as you won’t appear on find a rep without it. Put a friendly pic of yourself, customers want to see who’s going to be coming to their door.

Promoting my shop has also helped, post on your Facebook page then use the share button to share to groups (save copy and pasting several times), just don’t join too many groups at once or you’ll be blocked. Use other social media to share (Instagram, Twitter etc), delivery is UK wide so share, share, share!

When a customer finds you online they can register their details, you’ll have an A-Z of customers, if they are local drop them a book if they haven’t placed an order, you might tempt them. In fact I’ve found that most (about 90%) online customers have asked for a book because they want a paper copy but they haven’t got a rep and they’ve made the effort to find one. Some might not order for a while but drop a book round every couple of campaigns you might tempt them.

Avon also have special offers every few weeks, it could be 50p delivery or a free gift with an online order. Keep an eye on your social media centre and share the code! There’s an option within your online store to email all customers on your online list, so it’s really quick and really easy, the email comes from Avon so looks professional, you can promote online codes or offers each campaign. If you’ve signed up as a customer yourself you can test it first.

In 2016 I made Elite PC (increase in sales against previous year) at Bronze Plus level (loosing all my customers from my full time job and no Avon presents for Christmas last year!) and in 2017 to date I have sold over £7k.  I give out less than ten books to non online customers each campaign! Yes I’m lazy!

So if your an Avon Rep and you haven’t opened your online shop you really should.  Of course if you want to sell in the traditional way there is nothing wrong with that just complement your business and add the online sales to the work you are already doing.

And if your not a Representative and just want to buy your products feel free to use my online shop at

Or of course you could always become a Representative yourself and join my team

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