Holiday Essentials


I couldn’t resist a few purchases ready for my holiday, ten days and counting!

The Casa Di Rosa shoes are perfect for walking along the beach, I’ve tried them on and the are nice and comfy and fit great without splitting the toes apart, I just need to paint my toe nails so they are beach ready.

The Tabitha Webb beach bag is a great size for all the daily beach essentials with a three year old and it has a drawstring top which is great as nothing can fall out and the pickpockets won’t be able to sneak their hands in around the Spanish markets.

The bag for the swimming costume also matches the inside of the beach bag and I love that it has a bag with it so once it’s wet it can be kept away from anything dry. The costume itself has a nice stretchy material and a bow to tie to cover up the tummy!

The sun bracelet is a great idea for my little boy to wear, it will make him feel grown up being important to tell me when the colour changes so we can make sure we get some shade. And we have Avon’s factor 50 for kids packed and ready to be covered in plus some after sun.

And of course I couldn’t resist the handbag by Kenzo, perfect for the evenings, big enough to fit my purse and a few essentials and it fits over my shoulder for added security. I love the bright colour perfect for the bright and beautiful sunshine.

Buy your summer essentials at

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