Working from home

I woke up this morning about 5.30am, something disturbed me from outside and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  But it made me think and appreciate my life being able to work at home.

It is almost a year since I left my employed job to be come a fully self-employed work from home mom, and 5.30am was when my alarm used to go off to get u, get ready and drive the 60 miles to work in the corporate world so I could be at my desk for 7.30am, where I would stay until 5.30pm and repeat that long journey home.

I lost out on so much family time, I was never the one who could take our son to nursery or collect him afterwards, or read him his bed time story and tuck him in at night.  The guilt I felt was real and the pressure I was putting on my partner to be Daddy and chef as well as him going to work was unfair.  My relationship with my boys (my son and my partner!) has changed over the last year, I have more time for family and I can be so much more flexible if something needs to be done and I can do my share at home.

I certainly don’t miss the commute, a 120 mile round trip each day, every time I see an accident or road works on the news it makes me feel so grateful that I don’t have to do that journey any more.  It was only after I had left the corporate job that my partner said he too used to worry that there were so many accidents and so many crazy drivers on the road, but he never said anything when I was dong that journey each day.  The cost saving of not having to do that journey every day is also a decent sum of cash, my visits to the petrol station are much less often.

So today I am feeling grateful.  Grateful for the opportunity, grateful for my family and grateful for the extra two hours in bed every morning!

Have a great Wednesday!