Beauty and the Beast


I’m old enough to remember the film first time around.  I finished school then was taken to McDonald’s with Mom, Dad and my younger sister and then we all went to the cinema as a family, the only time I remember us all going together to watch the same film – my Dad really wasn’t keen on the cinema so it was usually a girly outing.

Belle is such a pretty princess and the songs and dancing remind me of being in Disney World watching the show as a child.  So it’s not surprising that I was pleased to see the re-launch of the film, and now I have a child of my own I have an excuse to watch it again.

I couldn’t resist buying these PJ’s from Avon, the trousers are like leggings and the t-shirt is light and comfy for the summer evenings.  My little boy even has to give Belle and the Beast a kiss before bed each evening.

I always love Avon pyjamas and I wasn’t disappointed with these.

Buy your now at available in sizes 10/12, 14/16 and 18/20.


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