A year ago today


Today it has been exactly twelve months since I left the world of employment after working for the same company for thirteen years.  It was a day of mixed emotions and many, many tears as I said good by to colleagues and friends, those who has helped shape the person I am today.

I enjoyed my job, I really did but the flexibility I get with self employment is so much greater and I had to make that choice whilst my little boy was young and I’m certain it was the right one.

There is no longer a fixed income coming into the household which is quite scary with a mortgage to pay but on the flip side the earning opportunity allows me to put in the extra effort to increase my income if I want to.

I’ve managed to stay relatively strict with myself, putting my son in nursery three days a week and treating those as work days, I know it can be very tempting to just take a day off when your self employed but I’ve keep the routine as if I were in an employed role.  And the rest of the week I spend quality time with my little boy and we fit in a few customer deliveries along the way.

My initial plan was to put all of my efforts into focusing on sales leadership – building my team of Avon Representatives.  I’ve learned that people let you down – a lot!  And they let me down when I was working full time but the impact wasn’t the same and when you are relying on other people to place an order for you to be paid when it is your only income.  But I’ve also found some superstars along the way and they make the job worthwhile.

I’ve also learnt more about My Avon Store, Avon’s online shop which allows us as Representatives to sell to our customers online, wherever they may be in the UK.  This is a great tool and I’m still learning more about it and putting the tips I’ve been given into practice to increase my own personal sales.

Overall it’s been a great year, there have been some ups and downs but it was definitely the right decision to spend more time with my family whilst working my way. And of course the opportunity to take holidays when I want to, I’m currently writing this from Spain!


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Casa Di Rosa Sandles

As I’m in Spain this week and restricted to 20kg that I can fit into my suitcase, my usual shoe collection has had to stay at home.

The Casa Di Rosa sandles are new to the Avon brochure and they are perfect for both day and night.

Yesterday we went a walk to the beach and my Sandles were comfy for the long walk and nice and sturdy for walking across the sand.

In the evening I swapped my shorts for a pair of black trousers and my Sandles looked perfect for going for an evening meal.

At just £25 in the later Avon brochure they are perfect for any upcoming holiday as they can go with most outfits and are comfortable to wear all day.


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My office for the week

I love that Avon is becoming more flexible allowing me to work when I want, where I want by selling online.

This week I’m in Benelmadena in Spain, spending some time with my three year old.


We arrived yesterday after my little boy decided the night before he wanted to pack his case (luckily I’d already packed!) so I let him pack what he needed.  Apparently for a week in Spain all he needed was his armbands, a Buzz Lightyear costume and his school uniform.  Neadless to say that bag stayed at home.

We had an early start but sitting in the airport gave me time to post a few Facebook adverts and upload some Instagram pictures.  And when I landed I checked my email to a few orders through my store.  Luckily Avon have a promotion at the moment for delivery at just £1 with a £10 spend (code ANEW valid until 1st May) so it means my store can work for me whilst I’m away.

We caught a taxi from the airport to where we are staying or a Police car according to my little boy as the taxi’s over here are white.  Hopefully he won’t be telling his nursery teacher that next week!

Today has been a morning on the beach and now the little man is having a nap I’m having a quick sangria and updating a few posts on social media, watching the orders come in through my shop as I relax.



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Not me without Nails


I wouldn’t say I was a girly girl, in fact growing up I was more of a Tom-boy playing football (albeit pretty badly) and going out without a bit of make up in sight.

As I’ve grown older I’ve started to learn how to to apply make up and wear it most days now, although that’s partly because I’m an Avon Rep and what Rep wouldn’t wear their own products to enable me to review and recommend.  And as my skin ages I find that I feel more comfortable with make up on and my bare skin is kept for bed time only.

However, nails have been my thing longer than make up.  I just don’t feel me without having pretty nails, my own bare nails just look dull and un-feminine so I always try and get my nails done as a pick me up and as a bit of me time away from being Mom or the Avon Lady.

I did go a while without having my nails done to give them a rest but it always felt like part of me was missing.

So this morning I had my nails done today using Avon’s new Mark gel polish and I love the colour.  It’s perfect for my holiday in three more sleeps.

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Avon Reps – Getting more online sales

I had the privilege to be invited to a Social Selling workshop at Avon’s Head Office in Northampton a few weeks ago.  I realised that although I was doing well getting orders for Representative delivery, I was a world behind some Reps when it came to Direct Orders (orders for delivery by Courier directly to the Customer).

So I listened well and took in tips, then I went home and did as much research as I could.  The online store has been going much longer in the US so there are lots of tips online from Representatives over the pond.

I’ve grown my sales from an odd order once in a while to over £1,000 in sales for Direct Delivery in just a couple of weeks.  Here’s my tips from a beginner –

  • Facebook – most people who are online use Facebook so there is a massive audience here, but also a lot of competition.  Join selling groups from across the county – either go for those with a large number in the group or local towns (zoom in on the map and find the small towns and you will probably be the only Avon Rep advertising on there).  I’ve been spending a few hours each day posting – just don’t do it all at once or you will be blocked by Facebook;
  • Instagram – I’d not used Instagram much until recently but I’ve started posting several pictures a day and adding people who have an interest in beauty products in the hope that they will follow me back;
  • Twitter – I struggle with Twitter due to the restriction on the number of words you post but a key picture and relevant caption is worth a shot;
  • Blogging – This I am fairly new to and my posts definitely need some work still but the key seems to be consistence (I went months without posting because I didn’t realise the value of blogging).  It doesn’t matter if you are talking about products, recruiting or tips for building your business, in fact a bit of variety is good as it will attract different readers.  The key is to keep writing because the more you post the more your website will appear in searches;
  • Paid advertising – I haven’t done a lot of this as there are plenty of free options to build my business but I’ve tried boosting on Facebook, promoting on Instagram (you’ll need to change your account to a business account – it’s free to do that) and I’ve created a Google Adwords account – each of them I’ve only spent a couple of pounds here and there I haven’t spent hundreds but that little boost has given me the confidence that I can get sales online;
  • Hashtagging – these ##’s keep appearing everywhere, they put what you’ve written into a category so keep it relevant to your post / blog / picture and it should draw in an audience;
  • Be Interactive – Comment on other peoples posts or blogs, if your name is out there you are giving others the chance to click on your name and see what you are all about;
  • Schedule posts – If you have a Facebook page you can schedule your posts so they appear at a particular time, no excuse to not post if you are out for the day;
  • Avon Offers – At the moment Avon have an offer for free delivery with orders over £30 (code: EASTER), I’ve emailed and text all of my existing customers to let them know about this and I’ve included the offer in the posts I’ve created to hopefully draw in new customers;
  • Promote a Product – Your loyal customers will know what Avon sell but we’re not targeting them, we want online sales on top of your existing customer base.  Those new customers we are targeting might have a pre-conception about Avon so show them a product they might like – it doesn’t matter if they buy that product or something else but a real product will get people’s attention rather than ‘buy Avon click here’ ;
  • Be Realistic – Your online sales aren’t going to be thousands over night, it takes time, patience and consistency – and I was lucky to have a three week free delivery offer from Avon which no doubt boosted my sales.


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Starting out with My Avon Store

In 2015 I achieved Bronze level Presidents Club (the “club” for those selling £6,500 – now £6,700, in an Avon 12 month year from campaign 1 to campaign 18) when I say I achieved I scraped in by the skin of my teeth selling about £20 over the £6,500 target. And most of my family had Avon presents for Christmas!!

When Avon launched My Avon Store in the U.K. I made sure I logged onto the website at 8am to get the name I wanted, I was sat outside my sons nursery clicking the refresh button until the option came up to type in my chosen name. But to be honest I didn’t do much more with it other than post my link on Facebook once a campaign.

I left my full time job at the end of April 2016 and started to focus properly on my Avon business. I listened to tips and did my research online to see how to promote my online store.

The first thing I did was set up a customer account, nothing special, I used my real name, my real address and placed an order to be delivered by me! Now I knew how it worked, how to accept an order and what the process was so if anyone asked questions I knew how it all worked. Rep delivery is free and there’s no handling charge so there’s no cost to do this.

I also found out that customers can rate their representative, and now I am my customer I can rate me. I’m 5 out of 5 obviously! Having a rating also increases your listing on find a rep, so any customers going online can see a list of reps when they type in their postcode, I appear above a more local rep because I have a rating and I’ve found customers generally just click the rep at the top of the list.

There’s a couple of other criteria, make sure you have a photo added as you won’t appear on find a rep without it. Put a friendly pic of yourself, customers want to see who’s going to be coming to their door.

Promoting my shop has also helped, post on your Facebook page then use the share button to share to groups (save copy and pasting several times), just don’t join too many groups at once or you’ll be blocked. Use other social media to share (Instagram, Twitter etc), delivery is UK wide so share, share, share!

When a customer finds you online they can register their details, you’ll have an A-Z of customers, if they are local drop them a book if they haven’t placed an order, you might tempt them. In fact I’ve found that most (about 90%) online customers have asked for a book because they want a paper copy but they haven’t got a rep and they’ve made the effort to find one. Some might not order for a while but drop a book round every couple of campaigns you might tempt them.

Avon also have special offers every few weeks, it could be 50p delivery or a free gift with an online order. Keep an eye on your social media centre and share the code! There’s an option within your online store to email all customers on your online list, so it’s really quick and really easy, the email comes from Avon so looks professional, you can promote online codes or offers each campaign. If you’ve signed up as a customer yourself you can test it first.

In 2016 I made Elite PC (increase in sales against previous year) at Bronze Plus level (loosing all my customers from my full time job and no Avon presents for Christmas last year!) and in 2017 to date I have sold over £7k.  I give out less than ten books to non online customers each campaign! Yes I’m lazy!

So if your an Avon Rep and you haven’t opened your online shop you really should.  Of course if you want to sell in the traditional way there is nothing wrong with that just complement your business and add the online sales to the work you are already doing.

And if your not a Representative and just want to buy your products feel free to use my online shop at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

Or of course you could always become a Representative yourself and join my team

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Holiday Essentials


I couldn’t resist a few purchases ready for my holiday, ten days and counting!

The Casa Di Rosa shoes are perfect for walking along the beach, I’ve tried them on and the are nice and comfy and fit great without splitting the toes apart, I just need to paint my toe nails so they are beach ready.

The Tabitha Webb beach bag is a great size for all the daily beach essentials with a three year old and it has a drawstring top which is great as nothing can fall out and the pickpockets won’t be able to sneak their hands in around the Spanish markets.

The bag for the swimming costume also matches the inside of the beach bag and I love that it has a bag with it so once it’s wet it can be kept away from anything dry. The costume itself has a nice stretchy material and a bow to tie to cover up the tummy!

The sun bracelet is a great idea for my little boy to wear, it will make him feel grown up being important to tell me when the colour changes so we can make sure we get some shade. And we have Avon’s factor 50 for kids packed and ready to be covered in plus some after sun.

And of course I couldn’t resist the handbag by Kenzo, perfect for the evenings, big enough to fit my purse and a few essentials and it fits over my shoulder for added security. I love the bright colour perfect for the bright and beautiful sunshine.

Buy your summer essentials at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

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I’m a big fan of Avon’s pyjamas and often order myself a nice pair of comfy PJ’s as a treat.  The Avon brochure definitely favours the female so when I saw the Spider-Man PJ’s for boys I thought they would be perfect for my little man.

So I ordered the Spider-Man PJ’s for my little boy and they are so cute. They are lovely and soft and as they have shorts rather than trousers they are perfect for the summer.

My three year old is a Spider-Man fan and was really pleased when he saw that I had bought these for him. He’s three so I bought age 3/4 and they fit nicely.

They have the Spider-Man logo on the shorts, perfect to help Mommy pair up the PJ’s when they’ve been washed so I know which bottoms go with which t-shirt. I washed them inside out and they came out as good as new.

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Working from home

I woke up this morning about 5.30am, something disturbed me from outside and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  But it made me think and appreciate my life being able to work at home.

It is almost a year since I left my employed job to be come a fully self-employed work from home mom, and 5.30am was when my alarm used to go off to get u, get ready and drive the 60 miles to work in the corporate world so I could be at my desk for 7.30am, where I would stay until 5.30pm and repeat that long journey home.

I lost out on so much family time, I was never the one who could take our son to nursery or collect him afterwards, or read him his bed time story and tuck him in at night.  The guilt I felt was real and the pressure I was putting on my partner to be Daddy and chef as well as him going to work was unfair.  My relationship with my boys (my son and my partner!) has changed over the last year, I have more time for family and I can be so much more flexible if something needs to be done and I can do my share at home.

I certainly don’t miss the commute, a 120 mile round trip each day, every time I see an accident or road works on the news it makes me feel so grateful that I don’t have to do that journey any more.  It was only after I had left the corporate job that my partner said he too used to worry that there were so many accidents and so many crazy drivers on the road, but he never said anything when I was dong that journey each day.  The cost saving of not having to do that journey every day is also a decent sum of cash, my visits to the petrol station are much less often.

So today I am feeling grateful.  Grateful for the opportunity, grateful for my family and grateful for the extra two hours in bed every morning!

Have a great Wednesday!