Get your Glow on

With the launch of Avon’s new Mark ‘Glow On’ Face Illuminator I thought what better time to try it out on a Friday morning when I needed a quick look before going out to do a few deliveries and sign up a new Representative into my team.

The Face Illuminator comes in black and white packaging making it obvious it is part of the Mark range, it’s neat packaging very straight to the point. The product itself comes in a 30ml tube.

I woke up this morning feeling a little tired but glad it’s Friday and nearly the weekend so this was a much needed pick me up to brighten up my Look. I don’t know why but I was expecting the illuminator to be bright white or green like the glow sticks you buy at the fair! But luckily it wasn’t something you’d use for fancy dress at Halloween and more like the colour of a foundation. I could see the glow as soon as I squeezed the tube and I think I used a little too much as it went a long way.

Im really pleased with how easy it was to apply and the little summer glow I have – and the sun is even out today. Happy Friday!

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