Avon Shoes


I have to admit I’m usually a heels kind of girl, in fact it doesn’t matter where I’m going I’m wearing my heels.

I had the privilage of visiting Avon’s Head office in Northampton yesterday and the car park was a short walk through the park away, but that didn’t stop the heels!

I saw these shoes in Avon’s First Look magazine – that’s the magazine for Avon Representatives to purchase products before they appear in the main brochure six weeks later – and when I saw them something drew me to them so I thought why not order them.

When they arrived I tried them on, I’m a size 4 so I have relatively small feet, and the fit was good and true to size.  And my gosh they were amazingly comfortable.  I expected some tightness like I get with trainers but these are so flexible and comfy – see my video https://youtu.be/YyNK9xQdbpc

I’ll be recommending these, so get your hands on them quickly http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

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