My Jeanetic Journey

So the parcel arrived:


It contained the whole Jeanetic range, black jeans, blue jeans, dress, jacket and t-shirt.


Avon have “done good” in this new partnership and I’m excited to try out this new range and it’s even better that I can say to my customers that these clothes are affordable and waaaay cheaper than the Diesel version.

It was a difficult choice deciding what to wear first, but I’ll be wearing the whole range.

Day 1

So today is a very rare child free Saturday morning, so after a soak in the bath I decided that I would wear the blue jeans and the white t-shirt as the pocket detail on the t-shirt matches the blue jeans.  The blue jacket is also the same colour but double denim is just a big no no!  I had heard that the jeans would feel like PJ’s whilst still looking like jeans, I have to say my PJ’s are a lot softer than the Jeanetic jeans but the are still very soft and comfy none the less.  I could wear these on a hot day (if we ever get one!) and I wouldn’t feel too warm in them like I would if they were denim.

The jeans are on but unfortunately at only 5’1.5″ (the half inch is important when you are as short as me!) they are very long, perhaps a choice in lengh for us who have to shop in the ‘short’ section on the high street might be something to consider for future ranges.  I noticed that they are provided in single size rather than they usual 10/12 combination which does give a snug fit around the waist.


I love the t-shirt, although it’s slightly baggy as it’s a 10/12 rather than a single size 10 but I love the soft feel and it feels really comfy.  So here’s to a lazy morning on the sofa until my little man comes back home from his sleepover at his auntie and uncles.


Day 2

Sunday’s are a day for family, and of course a roast dinner.  Today we visited my aunt and uncle for lunch and also had a walk to the park.  I decided to wear the Jeanetic jacket today as it went well with the skirt I was wearing to go out for lunch and it also goes well with my Tabitha Webb bag.

image.jpeg image.jpeg

The weather today didn’t seem to make up its mind and the jacket was perfect, it kept me warm enough when the wind was blowing but not too hot when the sun was shining, and was comfy to wear running after my little boy in the park.


Day 3

Today was a busy day recruiting with an Area Manager.  I went for the Jeanetic dress today, along with my Tabitha Webb bag and my Avon shoes, she also wore exactly the same!  Totally unplanned.


I love the dress, it’s so comfy and it’s flexible for walking in unlike denim.  I’ve walked, knocked doors and been in and out of the car all day and I’ve felt really comfortable.

The pockets are handy and they are quite deep so no chance of loosing my phone or my keys whilst I’m out.  I added a brown belt to give a bit more shape and to match the Jeanetic logo on the pocket.

Day 4

Today I was out with my trainee Sales Leader chasing some leads, we’ve left lots of books and managed to get two lovely new reps into her team.  I went for the black Jeanetic jeans today as they were the only ones I’ve not worn in the range so far.  They were slightly long for a shortie like me but they don’t feel as long as the blue ones.

They were comfy to wear today and look smart enough for appointments, the one downside I felt the zip creeping down but maybe that’s a sign that I need to loose my belly.


Day 5

Today was a non Avon day as my little boy wasn’t at nursery so we spend Wednesday’s together.  With an energetic two year old I thought I’d test out how practical the Jeanetic dress was when chasing after him.  He decided that today mommy needed to do some exercise and the Jeanetic dress was stretchy enough to cope with them and after all the advert shows how stretchy they are.  Here’s the evidence of my gymnastics Jeanetic style.

image.jpeg image.jpeg

Day 6

Today was a wet day, and there is nothing worse than feeling wet and horrible with clothes sticking to you.  Luckily the Jeanetic range is thin so although getting a little wet whilst dropping my expired brochures was unavoidable the jeans still felt comfortable and didn’t take long to dry when I was back in doors.


Day 7

Today I washed my Jeanetics, I’m really pleased to say that they washed lovely with no colours running and keeping perfect shape.  They also dried quickly so I didn’t have to wait as long as I would normally for denim to dry.


I wore the black Jeanetic jeans which are still lovely and comfy relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine.


Day 8

The Jeanetic dress which was previously covered in ice cream, thanks to my two year old, is now nice and clean.  The ice cream came out without problem and the dress kept its colour after washing, it also dries nicely enough not to need ironing which is always a bonus.


Saturday was a bit of a lazy day, baking a chocolate cake and visiting the library with my little man and I still love the Jeanetic dress.  I had some lovely complements from wearing the Jeanetic dress, hopefully it will lead to some sales.


Day 9

Today we went on the train to visit my aunt and uncle for Sunday lunch.  It’s not often I leave the car at home but my two year old likes trains so I said we’d have a little ride today.  This involved two miles of walking to get to the train station and it was a warm morning buy my Jeanetic jacket didn’t let me down it was light enough to wear on my walk to the train station.


Day 10

We had a fairly busy Bank Holiday Monday, shopping, including getting paint ready to decorate my little boys bedroom.  It was a lovely sunny day and my Jeantics were great again, the light material meant I wasn’t too hot, and I love the t-shirt, it’s so soft and feels great to wear.








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