Glorious sunshine


Days like today when we have glorious sunshine make me appreciate that I have the best job in the world.

This time last year I was working my 9-5 (or more like 7-7 job!) sat in an office, luckily with air conditioning, but I didn’t get to appreciate the few days of summer that we have here in the UK.

Now that I am self employed I am able to work where I want to, and what better place than the local Arboretum, lots of children having fun playing and lots of mommies to pass my Avon books onto.  Some of the mommies were looking for extra pennies to treat the kids during the school holidays so were talking to us about the Avon opportunity.

I really am greatful that I can give out my brochures in the park or have a walk around my local area leaflet dropping whilst catching some rays in the glorious whether.  And if that changes there are plenty of places indoors that I can visit to build my business.

If you’d like to browse my latest Avon brochure you can see it online at



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