Top Tips for new Avon Reps

As my blogs are all about my Avon journey I thought it would be appropriate to give some tips to those starting out on their Avon journey.

  • Be Reliable – I cannot stress enough how important this is, if you say you’ll collect a book on a certain day or deliver at a certain time make sure you do.
  • Flexibility – If the supermarket wasn’t open when you wanted to buy your bread you’d go elsewhere, try and be flexible with your customers if they want delivery on a particular day otherwise they will choose another Rep.
  • Online – Not all Reps want to open an online store but you are missing the chance to sell to new customers if they can’t find you.
  • Canvass Regularly – If you have a street to cover make sure they see a brochure regularly, unless of course they have asked not to see one.  Once they know you are a regular Representative they may just place an order.
  • Always have a brochure – When people know your the Avon lady (or man) they may ask to see a book, make sure you have one to hand, and tell everyone you meet that you sell Avon.
  • Enjoy – Enjoy what you are doing, happiness breeds happiness.
  • Think – Don’t shell out all of your profits at the beginning, this about what is essential for your business.  Avon paper bags are fine to make people aware you are a Rep when you are delivering and may generate extra customers but you don’t need to buy lots of banners and stands until you are seeing a decent profit.
  • Be Realistic – A business like Avon takes time to build, your not going to be a millionaire overnight, but don’t give up on your dreams.  Have a goal and go for it!


To join my team of Avon Representatives complete your details at and i’ll be in touch

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