Glorious sunshine


Days like today when we have glorious sunshine make me appreciate that I have the best job in the world.

This time last year I was working my 9-5 (or more like 7-7 job!) sat in an office, luckily with air conditioning, but I didn’t get to appreciate the few days of summer that we have here in the UK.

Now that I am self employed I am able to work where I want to, and what better place than the local Arboretum, lots of children having fun playing and lots of mommies to pass my Avon books onto.  Some of the mommies were looking for extra pennies to treat the kids during the school holidays so were talking to us about the Avon opportunity.

I really am greatful that I can give out my brochures in the park or have a walk around my local area leaflet dropping whilst catching some rays in the glorious whether.  And if that changes there are plenty of places indoors that I can visit to build my business.

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Shop with Avon C13 2016

The latest three weekly Campaign is here and this time we have some amazing offers on the Anew skincare range.  With the frony cover feature stating that 7 out of 10 people surveyed prefered Avon’s Anew range to Boots No 7.

With mix and match Buy One Get One Free on the Anew Range you can dave up to £28 so if your a Boots customer why not give our Anew range a try, remember also that we have a 28 day no quibble return policy, so why not try it and if it’s not for you then you can have a full refund.  And if you are already an Anew customer stock up now whilst we have this amazing offer.

Also in Campaign 13 we have the Magix finishing powder on offer at just £6.50 so make those pores, lines and shine dissapear as if by magix.  Try it now and love it forever!

For the Lipsy fans out there we have an on trend colour block style over the shoulder bag featuring a Lipsy branded plaque at just £15.

All this and much more can be found at my online shop with delivery anywhere in the UK just £3.50 directly from Avon’s warehouse

Limited offer


As an Avon Representative of over ten years I have to say I have never seen such an amazing offer for new Representatives.

For any new Representative joining Avon at the moment there is the opportunity to earn £350 of free Avon products and what’s more there is absolutely nothing to pay upfront.

Although there is a £16 admin fee this is only payable when you place an order (split as £10 for the first order and £6 for the second) so you can start giving out brochures immediately.

The only criteria to achieve the free products is to place orders over £160 for your first four campaigns as a representative, you will then receive the free products in your orders.

Once you have the products they are a great way to test products yourself and promote them to your customers or you could use them as a thank you for any of your customers who take an extra brochure into work.

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Top Tips for new Avon Reps

As my blogs are all about my Avon journey I thought it would be appropriate to give some tips to those starting out on their Avon journey.

  • Be Reliable – I cannot stress enough how important this is, if you say you’ll collect a book on a certain day or deliver at a certain time make sure you do.
  • Flexibility – If the supermarket wasn’t open when you wanted to buy your bread you’d go elsewhere, try and be flexible with your customers if they want delivery on a particular day otherwise they will choose another Rep.
  • Online – Not all Reps want to open an online store but you are missing the chance to sell to new customers if they can’t find you.
  • Canvass Regularly – If you have a street to cover make sure they see a brochure regularly, unless of course they have asked not to see one.  Once they know you are a regular Representative they may just place an order.
  • Always have a brochure – When people know your the Avon lady (or man) they may ask to see a book, make sure you have one to hand, and tell everyone you meet that you sell Avon.
  • Enjoy – Enjoy what you are doing, happiness breeds happiness.
  • Think – Don’t shell out all of your profits at the beginning, this about what is essential for your business.  Avon paper bags are fine to make people aware you are a Rep when you are delivering and may generate extra customers but you don’t need to buy lots of banners and stands until you are seeing a decent profit.
  • Be Realistic – A business like Avon takes time to build, your not going to be a millionaire overnight, but don’t give up on your dreams.  Have a goal and go for it!


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