A month in


After taking redundancy at the end of April 2016 from a company I had worked for all of my adult life, nearly 13 years, May became a fresh start.

Having worked an office job for so long I decided I needed a holiday, a few days away with the family somewhere hot and sunny so that was first on the list.  It was a lovely break which made me appreciate my family and also made me refreshed ahead of the new challenge.


After my time in the sun I was ready to focus on my business whilst having a better work-life balance.  So the first Monday back I took my little man to nursery and was able to sign two new lovely ladies into my team, a great start and just the motivation I needed.

It still hasn’t quite sunk in that I can take my little boy to nursery every day and it’s not just a holiday from work, I am working my business, the hours I want to work.

I’ve worked with some helpful Area Managers who have supported me in building my business and I’ve also got a new downline Sales Leader working with me, another lady who wants a better life for herself and her children.

There have been days where I’ve knocked on hundreds of doors and not signed any new representatives, after all if it was that easy everyone would do it.  But I’ve also had some lovely ladies join my team and so far I’m loving my new life.

If you’d like to join my team of Avon Representatives, please complete your details at http://prp.uk.avon.com/laura and I will be in touch.

Or if you’d like to buy Avon products you can shop with me at http://www.mymakeup.eu delivery is available UK wide.


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