Sample Success

There has been many a debate in the Avon world as to how successful samples are in increasing sales. I have to say I was in the sceptical camp until recently and rarely gave samples out to my customers.

That was until recently when Avon gave customers the chance to purchase a sample of their new lipstick, the one that is more matte than Mac! And to my surprise more than half of my customers took up the offer and paid for a sample. Some of them chose to buy more than one shade. So what were they doing with them? Using them as handbag sized lippys for when they go out, yes some of them. Wanting to try this new product they had seen advertised, yes to my surprise several of them went on to purchase a full size lipstick.

I was really pleased with the result, so wanted to make sure I maximised my potential with samples.

As there was an offer on foundation the following campaign I thought I’d try out free samples for my customers. Carefully placing a sample of foundation, neatly inside the page featuring the offer, in each and every customers brochure, I then awaited the result. Again, to my surprise, customers took up the offer and purchased a full size foundation from me. Of course there is no guarantee that the sample made them buy, but there is a good chance that customers who had never previously purchased foundation from me had now been able to see how good our product is.

What next? A fragrance sample is next on my list, another of those products where you need to know what it smells like before you’d be tempted to buy.

I have a few more lippy samples to give away, if anyone in the UK would like one please get in touch. There is an option to contact me on my website http://www.mymakeup.euimage.jpeg

The start of my office

So we’ve cleared out the little bedroom, it is no longer a junk room it is now my office.

I have two weeks left at my employed job so preparation has begun to get everything ready for the switch to running my little Avon business as a full time job.  So far the walls have been sanded and I had the decision of choosing the paint.

I went for a pink girly colour:


Still plenty to do and today is on hold as the weather is nice so the garden fence is being replaced after it fell down in the wind.

Project “sort of this house” is well and truly underway!

Anew me


For someone who had always thought skincare was something to do in later life I was rather sceptical about trying the Anew Ultimate Lip Treatment.

Opening the box to a pen shaped applicator with different creams at each end. I applied the “plump” end first, which is to be used once each day and within a few seconds I could feel my lips tingle, this feeling lasted for a couple of minutes.  At which point I applied the “smooth” end, a thicker whiter cream which softened my lips although no tingle feel from this, which is to be used twice a day.

After using this for two weeks I can see my lips starting to become fuller and those little wrinkles in my lips starting to reduce.

From a sceptical user, I shall be continuing and also investing in some of Avon’s well recommended face cream.

You can buy your Avon products from me at with delivery available UK wide.

Ding Dong

I’ve been asked many times what being an Avon Rep involves so I thought I’d share my experience with you.

Avon Reps are traditionally known for calling at peoples doors as the old advert goes “ding dong.”  Showing the latest Avon brochure to friends and family is the bread and butter for Avon Reps.

Avon, unlike some other Direct Selling Companies allocate “territory” so each rep has their own patch of houses to show their brochures to and collect orders.

There are 18 brochures for Reps to sell from during the year, for those not great at maths that’s a new book every three weeks with a couple of two week campaigns over Christmas each year.

Once the Avon Rep has collected their orders in they are placed online, unlike a few years ago when everything was paperimage based and posted through another reps door for the Area Manager to collect.  With online ordering the Rep can input several orders fairly quickly.

The products are then delivered to the Rep in a big box (or boxes!) and they work out which customer has ordered what.  I always have a brochure handy incase I’m unsure of the customers handwriting.

Once the Rep has “bagged up” all of their orders they can deliver to their customers and collect payment from them.  Avon allow the Rep two weeks to collect in the payments, meaning no upfront cost to the Avon Rep.  The difference between the amount the Rep needs to pay Avon and the amount they have collected from their customers is the Reps commission – Avon even calculate it for us on our invoice.

If a customer wants to return anything under Avon’s 28 day no quibble guarantee we just print out a returns form and hand the item back to the delivery driver when he delivers the next order.

Avon have recently launched online selling allowing the Avon Rep to sell UK wide, with the customer making payment directly to Avon and delivery coming straight from Avon’s head office this gives comfort to the customer that they will get their products directly and the flexibility to get that lippy whenever they want it.  The Avon Rep gets the benefit of an extra customer whilst still earning their commission.  Visit my online shop at

Want to join my team of Avon Reps in the UK? Complete your details at

Solutions BB Cream

Avon asked me to review the Solutions BB Cream so I thought why not!image

The cream made my skin feel soft and it was light and easy to apply. I needed very little to get a good coverage of my face and it lasted all day.

I expected to have to use a foundation on top of the BB cream but the tint within it actually meant that I didn’t need to use foundation as well as it was darker than I had expected.

I’d recommend this as it’s quick & easy to apply and it lasts, ideal for a busy Mom!