Ding Dong

I’ve been asked many times what being an Avon Rep involves so I thought I’d share my experience with you.

Avon Reps are traditionally known for calling at peoples doors as the old advert goes “ding dong.”  Showing the latest Avon brochure to friends and family is the bread and butter for Avon Reps.

Avon, unlike some other Direct Selling Companies allocate “territory” so each rep has their own patch of houses to show their brochures to and collect orders.

There are 18 brochures for Reps to sell from during the year, for those not great at maths that’s a new book every three weeks with a couple of two week campaigns over Christmas each year.

Once the Avon Rep has collected their orders in they are placed online, unlike a few years ago when everything was paperimage based and posted through another reps door for the Area Manager to collect.  With online ordering the Rep can input several orders fairly quickly.

The products are then delivered to the Rep in a big box (or boxes!) and they work out which customer has ordered what.  I always have a brochure handy incase I’m unsure of the customers handwriting.

Once the Rep has “bagged up” all of their orders they can deliver to their customers and collect payment from them.  Avon allow the Rep two weeks to collect in the payments, meaning no upfront cost to the Avon Rep.  The difference between the amount the Rep needs to pay Avon and the amount they have collected from their customers is the Reps commission – Avon even calculate it for us on our invoice.

If a customer wants to return anything under Avon’s 28 day no quibble guarantee we just print out a returns form and hand the item back to the delivery driver when he delivers the next order.

Avon have recently launched online selling allowing the Avon Rep to sell UK wide, with the customer making payment directly to Avon and delivery coming straight from Avon’s head office this gives comfort to the customer that they will get their products directly and the flexibility to get that lippy whenever they want it.  The Avon Rep gets the benefit of an extra customer whilst still earning their commission.  Visit my online shop at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

Want to join my team of Avon Reps in the UK? Complete your details at http://prp.uk.avon.com/laura

Advent Calendar with a difference


Are you looking for an Advent Calendar that’s a little different?

Had enough of the chocolate Calendars?

Have a look at this lovely advent calendar from Avon.  It contains 25 beautiful pairs of earrings and it is only £10!  So that’s a new pair of earrings every day in the count down to Christmas for less than 50p a day.

These advent calendars are great if you have older girls, they won’t want an advent calendar with toys or play doh but they can still have a treat every day.

Please order early as these are always very popular – http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup


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Stay warm inside

I’m seeing lot’s of reports on the news about Storm Ophelia and it doesn’t look nice in some parts of the world.


Please stay safe and warm inside, curl up with a nice warm and cosy blanket and play games with your little ones.

Keep in touch with loved ones online, you can even do your shopping online so you can get supplies delivered when the storm passes.

We are fairly sheltered in England but it’s still windy outside so I can’t imagine what it’s like in the affected areas.

Stay safe everyone!


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Free Winter Glow

Is it me or has it felt colder over the last couple of weeks?  We’ve even resorted to putting the heating on so it must be getting cooler.


With the weather feeling cooler what better way to pick yourself up than a little treat in the makeup box.

The Avon True Colour Illuminating Pearls are a great product to brighten up your face in any weather.  Just a quick sweep over the Pearls with your brush and a light dusting onto your face is all you need.

And what’s more if you are quick you can get them for free using the code GLOW at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup with a £20 spend, selecting standard courier delivery will get your goodies to you within 3-5 working days.

So whether you want to stock up on your make up essentials or start your Christmas shopping, spend just £20 and get the Illuminating Pearls free for a little treat for yourself.


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The C Word

So we’re in October now, it’s got to be time to mention the C word – Christmas!


Afterall in three months time it will be over and we’ll be into 2018.

Avon may not be your first thought when it comes to Christmas shopping, but why not?  The Avon brochure today contains some great ideas for Christmas gifts, from perfume sets to Disney Frozen games.

They also have an amazing range of PJ’s, for the ladies we have Bambi, we have Lipsy as well as Avon’s own brand winter PJ’s and they are really comfy and great for those Christmas Eve boxes.  There is a men’s range as well for the man in your life as well as Spiderman or Minions for the boys and plenty of choice for the girls, with Frozen still the favourite.

PJ’s sell out quickly so please do order straight away to avoid disappointment, the best way to get them quickly is to select direct courier delivery at the checkout- http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

There is also the Christmas jumper range, and this year we have sequin jumpers.  Brush up and down and the sequins change colour on the Christmas tree – perfect for Christmas jumper day at work or school.  Yes there’s an adult version for all of the mom’s out there.  These are comfy and not too tacky and of course when you wear it you can donate to charity.

Please do shop early for Christmas, you can pay via credit card, debit card or PayPal when you shop online choosing courier delivery so you don’t need to worry about having cash.  But don’t leave it too late our Christmas items do sell out quickly.


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Feeling the cold


Is it me or does today feel really cold?  I haven’t had my heating on for months and the day that feels like it’s the day to turn it back on again my boiler breaks!  So not only can I not get all cosy inside I can’t even have a nice hot bath.

And to top it off my car is also out of action so I’ve got to brave the cold for the school run, luckily it’s walking distance anyway so I wouldn’t use the car but I would have been out in it at some point just for a warm.

Fingers crossed we will have someone out to look at the boiler later today so I’ll be able to have a nice soak with a glass of wine tonight.  And my car should be fixed on Wednesday so only a couple more days of staying inside with my blanket.

Unless of course I win the lottery then I will be on an aeroplane to the nearest hot country- with my new Anter cabin bag in the picture.

Keep warm, keep smiling!


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New Rotational Anti-Wrinkle cream


Have you seen the news that Avon have a new anti-wrinkle cream and it’s a first for them, it rotates.  Its even been mentioned in Vogue!

It’s different because it has two different formulas, traditionally you use a new cream and it works wonders initially but then your face gets used to it and the effectiveness wears off.

The new cream from Avon has two different creams, one at each end.  So you use one cream for a week then you turn it and use the second cream.  After a week you then rotate and use the first again.

The rotational effect means that your skin doesn’t get used to one cream so it keeps working!

The new Reversalist cream is from Avon’s popular Anew range so it’s going to be a popular one with Anew lovers and new skincare converts alike.

Want to give it a try?  You can order it now from http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

And today only (7th September 2017) you can get free delivery on orders over £25 using the code INFINITE


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School’s out for summer


I remember the feeling well of finishing school for a whole six weeks.  Six weeks of fun and freedom, family and friends.  And of course a holiday or two!

But now I’m a parent, I have the added cost of nursery fees increasing for the summer as well as planning lots of fun activities for the little man before he starts school nursery in September- or big boy school as he refers.

We made the most of the last cheap holidays until the little man turns 18 by having a trip to Spain earlier in the year and a family holiday in Tenerife a couple of weeks ago – a great place, lovely and relaxing but now it feels like summer is over before it has begun!

I’m working building my business and I found three lovely ladies to join my team of Avon representatives today and hopefully we will have some sunshine for them to get out and deliver their brochure whilst the little ones get some fresh air – the perfect job for the summer, earn some extra pennies for day trips whilst getting the little ones involved in the fresh air as well.

We are off to Windsor tomorrow ready for a trip to Legoland on Friday followed by Alton Towers next week – or should I say CBeebies Land.  Then I’m struggling for ideas, hopefully we’ll have some nice weather for some trips to the park.  Oh and my little sisters wedding in August.

Please feel free to comment with any suggestions for summer days out.


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Anew Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream

Avon are launching their first rotational anti-wrinkle night cream.  It will be available to buy online from Friday 25th August 2017 at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup




I’m really excited about this not only because Avon did their first every year long trial so we know this actually works on real people but because it makes sense!  You find a great product and you see great results – it works for you and your skin and you feel amazing, but after a while you get used to the product and the effect it has reduces but with the rotational product it essentially has two products so your skin never gets too used to one cream.  The first side is to replenish and repair your skin which you use for a week, then you move to the opposite side which repairs the look of wrinkles.  You then alternate between the two a week for each thus your skin never adapts to one formula.

Its a bit like the 5 – 2 diets you see, you don’t diet for the whole seven days you give your body a shock by eating something different so it works more effectively when you return to the healthy foods, it’s the same theory with your skin – don’t let it adapt.

I’m so excited by this I can’t wait for it to be on sale, and what is even better is for the launch price of just £25 you also get a free gift containing an Anew Reversalist Day Cream (50ml), an extra lasting lipstick in fiery red, a Mesmerize black for her EDT purse spray (10ml) and an Anew vanity case.  You have to try it!


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Need a new handbag?

Probably a silly question to ask the girl who loves shoes and handbags.


Yes I’m her if you hadn’t guessed, I just can’t resist a beautiful pair of shoes or a nice new handbag.

And Avon haven’t disappointed with this lovely new bag designed by Lipsy.  It’s spacious, sturdy and a great colour.  Neutral bags go with anything so there’s no need to change handbag if you change your mind on the outfit.

The bag is perfect for an Avon lady because it has plenty of space for brochures as well as life’s essentials, mainly things like baby wipes and fruit shoot in my case having a toddler in tow.

I will be adding this bag to my collection, if only someone could come up with a better storage solution or a lottery win so I can have a room just for handbags.  A girl can dream!


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Holiday Nails


I’m off to Tenerife at the weekend so I’ve had my nails done today.  I went for the new Mark Nail Style Studio Enamel in Electric Dancer.

It’s a lovely bright pink shade, perfect for a week in the sunshine.

I had two coats followed by a top coat and some Swarovski crystals.  It went on nicely and dried nice and quickly.

I can’t wait to get myself by the pool so I can get myself a tan to go with my new nails.

Visit my online Avon shop for all of your nail varnish needs – http://www.avon.uk.com/store/Mymakeup


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