Ding Dong

I’ve been asked many times what being an Avon Rep involves so I thought I’d share my experience with you.

Avon Reps are traditionally known for calling at peoples doors as the old advert goes “ding dong.”  Showing the latest Avon brochure to friends and family is the bread and butter for Avon Reps.

Avon, unlike some other Direct Selling Companies allocate “territory” so each rep has their own patch of houses to show their brochures to and collect orders.

There are 18 brochures for Reps to sell from during the year, for those not great at maths that’s a new book every three weeks with a couple of two week campaigns over Christmas each year.

Once the Avon Rep has collected their orders in they are placed online, unlike a few years ago when everything was paperimage based and posted through another reps door for the Area Manager to collect.  With online ordering the Rep can input several orders fairly quickly.

The products are then delivered to the Rep in a big box (or boxes!) and they work out which customer has ordered what.  I always have a brochure handy incase I’m unsure of the customers handwriting.

Once the Rep has “bagged up” all of their orders they can deliver to their customers and collect payment from them.  Avon allow the Rep two weeks to collect in the payments, meaning no upfront cost to the Avon Rep.  The difference between the amount the Rep needs to pay Avon and the amount they have collected from their customers is the Reps commission – Avon even calculate it for us on our invoice.

If a customer wants to return anything under Avon’s 28 day no quibble guarantee we just print out a returns form and hand the item back to the delivery driver when he delivers the next order.

Avon have recently launched online selling allowing the Avon Rep to sell UK wide, with the customer making payment directly to Avon and delivery coming straight from Avon’s head office this gives comfort to the customer that they will get their products directly and the flexibility to get that lippy whenever they want it.  The Avon Rep gets the benefit of an extra customer whilst still earning their commission.  Visit my online shop at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

Want to join my team of Avon Reps in the UK? Complete your details at http://prp.uk.avon.com/laura

Avon Anew Infinite Effects

Just a quick post to let you know about an amazing offer.


It was one of the top launches of 2017, a revolutionary way to apply your skin cream.

The infinite Effects works because your skin doesn’t get used to one cream as you rotate between two different creams for your skin.

In week 1 you replenish and prepare your skin, you then rotate the cream and use number 2 which supercharges the results, activates and corrects the skin.

You then continue to rotate each week.  A revolutionary way to use your night cream!

The usual selling price is £28 but for the next three weeks it is just £17.95 and on top of that all orders over £30 have free standard delivery from http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

If you haven’t already tried this remember Avon have a 28 day returns guarantee policy, no quibbles, try it and if you don’t like it then return it.


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Avon FREE delivery

Yes you read it correctly, from Thursday 8th February 2018 you can order online from Avon and get your products delivered free of charge with any order over £30 at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup no voucher code needed.


So now you can shop with Avon whenever you want to and have your order delivered in 3-5 working days no need to wait for three weeks when your representative is next placing an order and don’t worry if there’s nobody home you can select to have your order delivered to a parcel shop for you to collect at your convenience.

And if you need those last minute items quickly there’s still the option to pay for express delivery- no need to worry about needing a new lippy for the weekend, shop with Avon.

Delivery is available throughout the UK and also to BFPO addresses.

Treat yourself – happy shopping!


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Enchanted nails

I’ve gone for a pinky colour this month, nailwear pro+ in the shade Enchanted.


I usually go for a gel polish but the colour of this tempted me as I like a nice girly pink. And I wasn’t disappointed, the colour went on nicely and gave a good even coat. My nails pictured have two coats of the true colour nailwear prp+ in enchanted and a top coat.

I’m really pleased with them – bring on February- the other half’s Birthday, Valentines and a week away for half term.


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I did it!


I’m really excited to share with you that I received a phone call to tell me that I was one of the 50 top selling Avon Representatives in the UK for 2017.

And that means that I have won an all expenses paid trip to Lisbon – what an amazing reward – it’s still sinking in that I have won the trip that a company can provide such a great incentive for sales representatives, all I did was sell (lots of!) Avon and it doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy doing it.

It’s still a shock that me, a little Avon Rep can finish in the top 50 in the whole of the UK – that’s over 100,000 Other Representatives.

I’ve been increasing my Avon sales over the past 18 months but never in my widest dreams did I think I could increase them enough to be in the top 50 sellers.  Wow wow wow!

I’d like to thank all of my customers for buying Avon from me, you are valued and  very much appreciated.

And to the Representatives in my team, please get in touch if you’d like to look at increasing your sales – online selling really seems to be the future, alongside the business you have currently can really increase your earnings.

The trip for 2018 will be to Croatia – who wants to go?

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An epic new lipstick💄

I’m normally a lip gloss kinda girl, staying nice and safe with pinks.

But when I saw the new Epic lipstick from Avon I was tempted!  It comes in 22 different shades and as reds seem to be the colour at the moment I decided to be brave and go for a red – in the shade heart breaker.  And, I absolutely love it!  I was nervous about trying it because it was so out of my comfort zone, but with a basic cost of foundation and my new lippy I feel great even though I’ve made minimal effort with my make up look.


But simple is all I need for weekday mornings and it lasts well so I’m not having to keep reapplying.

If your looking for a new lippy or you want to be brave and try a new shade, samples are available now (and the full size will be available very soon) at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup


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Blue Monday

So today is Blue Monday, that day when the post Christmas credit card bills start to drop through the door.

The moment when reality hits that we are in a new year and we need to keep the savings on track for next Christmas and resit the urge to eat junk food and stick with the healthy eating plans we made two weeks ago.

The first couple of weeks of change are the hardest, our bodies are now starting to get used to the new food the lower calorie intake so don’t give in now.  You can do it! You have the will power!

If you need a treat, think about the Summer and your beach perfect body – get that holiday booked, give yourself something to look forward to, something to work towards.

And why not do a bit of online shopping, Avon have a free Planet Spa Face Mask with all orders over £15 today only, so get online and order a few treats then book some time in your diary for pamper time. Order online at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup with the code BLUESAWAY


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Keeping Hydrated

One of my New Years Goals is to eat healthier and with that I’m also cutting down the amount of fizzy drinks, Coca Cola was a massive downfall!

When I worked in an office we had a handy water machine which should have made it easy to drink my eight cups of water a day but having eight cups on my desk would mean the water getting warm and me probably spilling them over my computer!  And trying to remember how many cups of water I’ve drunk and actually finding time to get a cup of water just didn’t happen.

Now I’m Self-Employed as an Avon Rep it’s not so easy to get Water on tap whilst I’m out so I end up with a bottle of fizzy pop to take with me.

However, I’ve ordered this, the hydrate water bottle and it’s perfect.  It doesn’t leak (like most other water bottles I’ve tried!) and it holds a good amount of water with targets for what time you need to have drunk the amount of water by.


So it only needs to be filled twice a day and it gives me a target to aim for each hour to keep me on track to drink enough water each day.

Its a great idea and definitely what I need to keep me on track to be hydrated and healthy.

Order yours at http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup (available to buy from Friday 12th January 2018)

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Anew skincare regime

It’s January the first so many of you will be making New Years Resolutions so why not make looking after your skin one of those resolutions.

Drinking plenty of water helps to hydrate the skin – have a look for Avon’s new water bottle coming soon giving you a target of how much to drink each hour – a perfect reminder if your on the go!

But don’t forget your skincare products, Avon have some amazing products at great prices in their Anew Range.  Have a look at the reviews for the Avon Anew Clinical Lift And firm Eye Lift System – https://www.avon.uk.com/product/5421/anew-clinical-lift-firm-eye-lift-system?cb=-1538473174

“Absolutely amazing product”

“I’ve tried other more expensive brands but I keep coming back to this one”

The reviews speak for themselves, Avon have some amazing products in their Anew range, they have worked hard over the years to develop such great products and to keep them priced competitively as Avon always do.


The Anew Clinical Lift And firm Eye Lift System is on Offer at the moment for just £10 so why wouldn’t you stock up – http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup

The Anew range covers all of your skincare regime needs, a day cream and a night cream to suit all age ranges

Platinum – for over 60’s

Ultimate – for over 50’s

Reversalist – for over 40’s

Vital – for those in their 20’s/30’s

Check out the range of products suitable for your age range, it’s never too early to start looking after your skin.  Just a few minuets each day is all it takes to get yourself into a good routine of looking after your skin – it’s not about spending hundreds of pounds and hours upon hours just make a small change and your future self will thank you.

It’s also worth looking at the Avon Avon Reversalist Infinite Effects – this was newly launched in 2017 and has seen some amazing results.  If you haven’t tried it you are missing out on this amazing new product.

Please feel free to leave your feedback on the Avon Anew skincare products in the comments below.

If you want to stock up on Anew whilst it is on offer shop here – http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup


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My goals for 2018

Today is the day we traditionally make New Years resolutions or set goals so I’m going to put some things in writing in the hope that it helps me focus on them.

Firstly on a personal level, I’d like us to start eating healthier.  My little man is a very fussy eater and his diet is very limited so I’d like to work on introducing new food to him.  My other half is diabetic and his diet isn’t great and should be managed better and me well I eat what they like to make it an easy life to save me cooking three different meals but the rubbish means I’ve put on a few pounds more that I should have.

For my business (Avon) there are some changes coming which will allow me to run my business differently.  We will soon be able to run our retail side of the business solely online if we want to, so I will move the majority of my retail business online allowing me to focus my time on building my team.

My focus for 2018 will be on recruitment and building a successful team, as well as being their to support my existing team if they need me.

The changes allowing Representatives to sell soely online if they want to will open up a new opportunity for people who don’t want to sell using the brochure and want to build a successful business online from home around any other commitments they may have.

I’ve built my retail sales to over £40k in 2017 with the help of my online store so I know it’s achievable if new representatives invest time into their new business.  I just need to put a plan together as to how I’m going to find those people who want to take on the opportunity!


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How to get a Lipsy watch for £7.50

I’m a fan of the Lipsy brand, although I’m now in my thirties I still like the products they produce as much as the younger generation and they are made for all ages not just the teenage market.

Avon often sell branded products in their brochure and Lipsy is a popular brand appearing regularly.  However, the prices appear to be greatly reduced in the Avon brochure compared to buying directly from Lipsy.

And the latest watch is on special offer in the current Avon brochure.


The beautiful white Lipsy watch in question is available from Avon at just £30.  However, if you buy any other product you can order the watch for only £7.50!

If you order online (www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup) you can purchase samples so the example above shows the purchase of a sample of a hair care product for 40p meaning the customer can qualify for the watch offer at £7.50.

This Offer will be popular and stock will be limited so please shop early to avoid disappointment – new offers will be shown on 11th January 2018 so please be quick!

Treat yourself, treat a friend or put it away for Next Christmas!  Happy shopping – http://www.avon.uk.com/store/mymakeup


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